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    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's stunning response to ‘God put you in a wheelchair’ tweet

    Every so often someone on twitter tweets that or something like that at Governor Abbott. He always has a good response. I'd imagine he is well-practiced after almost 40 years of living in a wheelchair.
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    Iranians Turning to Christ

    Brave people. Very humbling to read what they are willing to go through for Christ.
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    3 Rockets launched from Gaza into Israel

    The open source intel accounts on Twitter are a very good source of information on this sort of thing.
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    Young religious Turks growing skeptical of Islam - Report

    I can understand why they move to atheism or something else from being radical/pious Muslims. Given they had the strength to do that in a society that looks down on that decision they might very well be the sort who would become Christian at some point. While Turkey still isn't as stringent as...
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    Studies: Pregnant victims of sexual assault usually choose life

    "just 1.0 percent of women obtain an abortion because they became pregnant" --I think during rape exams victims are now given the option of taking the morning after pill so they don't become pregnant. I think some pro-life politicians have missed an opportunity when asked about pregnancy as a...
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    Are you a prepper?

    Yeah, even if you're armed to the teeth and willing to fight if you're in a populated area you're probably in trouble. It seems there are instances in the bible of what could be called prepping (Joseph, Noah). Knowing the signs of the times, it doesn't seem unreasonable to do something for...
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    Jussie Smollett charges dropped

    I believe he had a previous conviction on a DUI and providing false information to the police stemming from providing a false identity during the DUI arrest... Regardless of the cost of prosecution, I would think the city would want to send a message that false reports that waste time and money...
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    How to respond to my niece (who is "bisexual")

    Amen. I think the passive-aggressive social media posts are for the attention and affirmation 15-year-olds love. I also think a lot of the time (though not always) when a girl or young woman claims she is bisexual it is so she will be seen as different, sexy, and cool but she won't be so...
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    Refugees should be sent home even if they have jobs, says Danish immigration official

    Switzerland is not a part of the EU so that helps protect them. It seems Denmark has been an outsider EU member like the UK on certain issues for awhile (currency, immigration).
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    Harvard Study: Christianity is growing stronger, not shrinking

    One of the questions asks about "praying daily" which is probably a decent proxy for relationship. They also talk about frequency of attendance at religious services, which has generally been shown to be better at predicting certain outcomes as compared to just attitudinal questions ("how do...
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    IRS Admits It Encourages Illegals To Steal Social Security Numbers For Taxes

    It was stories like this one that convinced me that lots of people in power in the U.S. don't want borders and are increasingly emboldened to erase them. I remember back when Koskinen testified and this came out he said "we want them to pay taxes." But they knew a) they weren't paying taxes...
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    And this isn't the worst of them. Her other comments and her association with Farrakhan should be mentioned along with this, otherwise she can get away with saying "any funding in politics from any source can be criticized" and "any country can be criticized." A lot of people agree with those...
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    JUSTICE: USA Powerlifting bans all trans women from competing as women

    OK I'm through the presentations. Good presenters. I'd heard the point that assuming people who have interests of the opposite sex are transgender is stereotypical and limiting before. A mother of a tomboy made that point in an article a couple of years ago. As a female who was something of...
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    JUSTICE: USA Powerlifting bans all trans women from competing as women

    I need to watch that. I'm less and less shocked these days, but that is quite something even for these times. Good for the woman on the panel for standing up for the female prisoners.
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    JUSTICE: USA Powerlifting bans all trans women from competing as women

    My understanding is that a fair number of lesbians have been concerned with transgender women invading their space for awhile. I know I heard about that a few years ago...the lesbians complained about transgenders showing up to lesbian/female only events, and then the transgender women got...