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    Legalism guidance and a tragic outcome

    About ten years ago I bought a study Bible written by him. I overlook his comments about election, and I have many notes that I have put in it. I love that Bible, even though it is falling apart. This article is very disturbing. If I had known about it back then, I would not have bought the...
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    Need help finding work from home

    I am a homeschooling stay at home mom. Right now I work at 3am every morning for 3-4 hours daily. I so much want to find something that I can do from home. In years past I have gotten myself into lots of schemes that looked good but turned out to be scams. The problem is, I am no good at...
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    Possibility of WWIII

    I agree. Just my opinion, but any WWIII would involve nuclear weapons, and I believe that the nuclear fallout would destroy the ability to track all buying and selling, and it would take some time to get the technology set up again. Also, a nuclear war would kill a majority of the world's...
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    Need some guidance...advice

    Thank you for all your replies. Hearing the truth again from people I trust helps me to put my focus back where it belongs. Sometimes what I know just needs reinforcement from others outside of myself. It's so easy to get caught up in my own head.
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    Need some guidance...advice

    This might be a long post, so be prepared. I just need some guidance from someone who is smarter than me. I put it in the apostasy section because it seems to fit here. However, mods, move it if necessary. I have been studying prophecy now for eleven years. During these eleven years I have...
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    The Cult of Moses (HRM)

    I had several conversations with my dad about this. He believed in the Hebrew Roots Movement, and even told me that he was concerned that I wasn't saved because I believed in Jesus. My dad was a brilliant man, but very deceived. He did not believe in the Trinity, he believed that Jesus was...
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    Hobbies in heaven

    I love this thread! It is so encouraging and much needed. Sometimes I love to sit and think about what my "place" is going to be like. I picture a lovely cabin in the country with a beautiful stream flowing by. The softest grass to sit in, fragrant flowers all around that I can't kill, and...
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    Movies you won't watch because...

    The Green Mile - Shawshank Redemption - These are two movies that I watched once and will never watch again. Where the Red Fern Grows - one of my absolutely favorite books when I was a kid, so the movie fits. To me the story is completely romantic, but I think that always believe that somehow...
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    I have recently drank... It makes me wonder if I'm even saved to begin with..

    Unfortunately, yes. Terribly perfectionist. Have prayed and worked hard many years to overcome it, but still dealing with it. I believe that it is rooted in my perception of my dad's love for me which I saw as very conditional. I always felt like I had to win back his love. I am trying hard...
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    Wondering why it's taking so long

    Thank you for this beautiful laugh. I beg Him every day that He will take us home, and more than once I've had the picture in my head of a child in the backseat whining, "Are we there yet?" I have to confess that I am low on compassion for those who have not decided yet. (Thankfully, I'm not...
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    Teen Valedictorian Ordered to Remove God from Graduation Address

    I would encourage her to put it in her speech impromptu. What can they do? Deny her graduation?
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    I have recently drank... It makes me wonder if I'm even saved to begin with..

    Growing up, I received many awards for my supposed "faithfulness". I was always the good girl in school. My sins were not as evident for others to see. But there have been many times where I wished that they were. The sins that I commit within my own head and heart always seem more...
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    Caitlyn Jenner announces run for California governor

    My husband is the same way. He is a Godly man with a compassionate heart. We are trying to raise our ds (13) to be the same.
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    Netflix Declares War on Jesus (and Gun Owners)

    Anybody looking for an awesome alternative...Pure Flix has become our new family favorite.
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    Kristi Noem with a flamethrower

    Absolutely! So thankful for her.