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    Husbands in Difficult Marriages II

    Brother, I have a few things to write ... which I am working to find time to write down. But, that aside, if you want to I would really like to chat with you. But that's entirely up to you. Judging by those who contact me, it seems many here have figured out my gmail address, so feel free if...
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    What is the most compelling sign , for you, that the Rapture is close ?

    To my knowledge they cannot ... unless they are posted where there are chaplains of other faiths. I know of chaplains who have been disciplined for praying in the name of Jesus. They will usually conclude either with a simple amen or "in God's name we pray, amen."
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    Husbands in Difficult Marriages II

    Eric, I will respond later today. But in the meantime do what you have said in your first paragraph.
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    Hatred For White People

    So would Denzel Washington.
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    SCOTUS battle prompts threats, calls for arson: 'Burn Congress down'

    The Left is just showing its true character: violence if it doesn't get its way. Which only goes to demonstrate that they do not really believe in democracy: only if it goes their way. That said, the ONLY reason I can think of to try to ram a SCOTUS replacement through now is the belief that...
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    What is the most compelling sign , for you, that the Rapture is close ?

    Possibly, depending on the terms laid down by the prison. Fortunately there are many church ministries that have regular prison visits and preach the gospel to inmates. Because they are not employed by the government they can say what they want to.
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    What is the most compelling sign , for you, that the Rapture is close ?

    Remember, organization chaplains are rarely men of God ... because the terms of their employment require them to care for the spiritual needs of ALL people regardless of religion or beliefs. They must not challenge the beliefs of anybody in any way. They can only support the person in their's...
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    Husbands in Difficult Marriages II

    Brother, I didn't forget about you. But I wanted my wife's input to include with my own. But honestly? Right now I'm just going to give you hers without comment from me: ------ Eric, my dear young brother, you must understands something very important about us women: 40 is a terrible age! I...
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    Chris, are you safe?

    Chris writes that he is "camped out on the front porch right now. We only sleep in the house at night. The bad part is we have old wood windows and they do not open. So it is rather hot and stuffy inside at night. :-( " Praying that his home be one of the first to have its power restored. And...
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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg died

    Praying for her family at this sad time of loss for them. Praying that before she died she trusted Jesus for her salvation. :pray :pray
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    Welcome KnowsGoes! Glad you have stopped peeking through the windows and have come inside to join us.
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    Pelosi must go — the House is in dire need of new leadership

    Never mind serving the American people, she is not even serving her own constituents. The only people she is serving is herself and her family. She is the epitome of whom the founding fathers were concerned and about whom they warned. She is the ultimate result of having professional politicians.
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    'I manifested my life on TikTok'

    Nobody claiming to be a Christian should ever do this-- whether on TikTok or in private. It's nothing more than a manifestation of magical thinking which is, at root, simply witchcraft. Pseudo-Christian positive thinking/positive confession groups do it. Wolves in sheep's clothing. Another...
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    Serious question

    Yes we are, sis! :hug :pray
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    'O.C.' actress Samaire Armstrong voices support for Trump, says 'far-left mob' has silenced Americans

    Wow-- a truly intelligent actor! Such a rare commodity in Hollywood these days where snowflakes and pseudo-intellectuals predominate.