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    Story of Steve McQueen by Greg Laurie

    Yes, I heard of Steve McQueen's salvation early last year and was so thrilled to hear of it. I have not read the book or seen the movie yet, but I intend to.
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    Rouhani threatened to quit if Iran did not admit to downing Ukrainian jet

    Consider the source of the story -- the New York Times.
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    Did the devil want Jesus crucified?

    Um, Jesus DID die. And creation did not fade out of existence. :scratch
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    Hi, I'm Phil

    Glad you decided to join us, Phil. My name is Adrian, and I and my wife Andrea currently live about 300 miles east and a little north of you in Springfield, Illinois.
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    So glad to be back again

    Yes! Kudos to Chris! Great job, brother!
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    How can you believe in a God that wants to send most of the world to Hell?

    Sounds like he grew up in a legalistic church where God was aloof and judgmental and rigid, looking for reasons to exclude people. And that is not the true God of the Bible.
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    Recommendation for a Bible Commentary?

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    Iran’s regime sentences Christian convert to prison for “insulting Islam”

    :pray Praying for this man, and also for the success of his daughter and son-in-law's ministry. :pray
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    The Birth Of Our Savior

    Yes, we would like to meet you.
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    March For Life!

    Amen! :pray :pray
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    March For Life!

    Andrea and I just watched it! Wow!!! I was in tears through much of it. We were so proud of President Trump in his remarks! So touched by the survivors' remarks. And driven to more tears and great humbleness by David Platt's awesome prayer at the end. THIS event was most definitely of God...
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    Watch Children On Xylophones!

    I'm definitely not a Zep fan, but I really enjoyed those kids. Thanks for posting it!