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    Uninterested In, Afraid of, Or Turned Off By Talk Of The Rapture

    WOW. So glad to hear others say this! I attend a wonderful Bible teaching church, but no talk of End Times. When I bring it up, people seem nervous, and the conversation strangely ends. Kind of surprising when you realize after the teaching of who God is, who is Son is and what Jesus did...
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    Redskins Retired

    I live near a Navajo reservation. They have a nice high school; their mascot is "The Redskins". So, how insulting is it? Mascots are always a compliment! This is all so silly. The Navajo Nation made the suggestion they change their name to "The Code Talkers". Not a bad idea, but... not sure...
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    The Coming World Reset?

    I pray for our President too, and often to go Intercessors For America to know about other areas in which to pray for our country. Our President really needs our prayers; for health, stamina and wisdom. He has made mistakes in the past, professionally and in his personal life (as we all have)...
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    Jeffrey Epstein’s confidant Ghislaine Maxwell arrested on sexual abuse charges

    The media will "cover" this story, depending on who is involved. Political democrats? They won't say a word. And truthfully, I have seen the video from YEARS ago with Trump at one of his parties. Trump was just dancing in a bar with hundreds of other people, but don't be surprised to see...
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    Mark Taylor (Q Anon promoter and Firefighter "Prophet")

    He has put himself out there on a limb now. He says Trump will be re-elected (hope he is right on this one), but he is also saying that Obama is going to be arrested for treason! I listened to him, and thought... "might be ok.... IF justified, but.....WOW." The sad thing is, he puts false...
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    I Think This Is The Final Warning Before The Rapture

    I thought Hillary was going to win for sure, but our Lord had a different plan. There is still much time between now and November, and Trump was losing in every poll last time. But we need to continue to pray. And Christ will return when the Father sends him... maybe tomorrow, maybe in 40...
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    CHOP Shooting

    NO one wants to be in Seattle. Not to visit, not to live. I can't believe that even the moderate Liberals (if there are any anymore) would want this. Liberals didn't used to hate law and order. There was a store owner on TV last night saying first it was the homeless that they are not...
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    Please, please prepare for disaster!

    We are always prepared. I endured many earthquakes growing up as did my husband. Where we live now there are no earthquakes, but we are prepared. You go through being unprepared once and it never happen to you again.
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    The Return this Fall

    I know many say that. And perhaps you are correct, I don't know. But I still thing gathering together to pray for this country right now is not a bad idea!!
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    Judge bans Seattle police from using tear gas, pepper spray amidst ongoing protests

    I just continue to remember, what is seen in the media is what the media WANTS us to see. But I believe that even democrats are not happy with what is going on there. Face it; the "old time moderate democrats" still want law and order. These people who have taken the city over are not hard...
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    What are your primary hobbies?

    I fractured my leg skiing on February 20th. After surgery with 2 plates and 6 pins on March 4th, today I finally saw some substantial improvement and ventured outside! What did I do? Pulled weeds, which I LOVE doing. But, AS SOON AS I am fully upright, I will be "back in the saddle" on my...
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    The Return this Fall

    I have not seen anyone mention this on any of the forums, and I am not sure how Jonathan Cahn is regarded here. But he is organizing a gathering in September (the same week that the Mayflower landed in America) for ALL God believing, Jesus loving Christians to come together and pray for our...
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    A Good but beginning End Time Teaching

    I am looking for a good DVD teaching on End Times for a person who has never heard of the prophecies. I have many studies, but they are more in-depth, and for someone who already knows the basics. I would love one with a teaching of what the Bible says are signs, and those that have come to...
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    Do You Want To Change The 'So Called' Police Brutality Towards Blacks?

    I have stopped watching the news. Too frustrating to watch, and I can't change a thing. All I can do is pray. I think Satan is smiling about what is happening in America right now. Faith in God and Jesus Christ is the only answer. "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against...
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    Tropical Storm Warning

    Birth pangs piling up..... one on top of the other.