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    Chinese state-run site proposes ‘final solution to the Taiwan question'

    And will anyone come to Taiwan’s defense? Biden says (or whoever runs the country) the US will defend them, but I can’t see that happening considering his, and most of D.C.’s, cozy relationship with the CCP. And with our military being watered down with not only the purge from the jab, but it...
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    America Is Running Out of Everything

    I keep chopped raw peppers in the freezper all the time. I don’t have my food saver anymore, but just put them in a freezer bag and draw out the air with a straw. I do the same with grated carrots and diced apples to use for bran muffins. Isn’t there some sort of food saver that is just bags...
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    Bill Clinton hospitalized with sepsis

    Thanks for posting the link. I don’t wish him harm, because it took seeing death’s door to get my dad’s attention, but what caught my eye (and my suspicion) was he was in CA in regards to his “charitable organization”. Since when ?
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    Bill Clinton hospitalized with sepsis

    I just read a post from Lou Dobbs onTelegram, that Bill Clinton was hospitalized with sepsis this p.m. I am sure there is more out there, but I do not “do” FakeBook and ”Litter”.
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    Poll: 34 seats for Likud, 7 for Bennet

    Hmmmm, I see a “Dominion” sales rep. in their future !!!!!!
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    America Is Running Out of Everything

    Great advice. I just went through my canned goods, and next week it is time to make a crockpot of Chili before the beans and tomatoes go out of date!!!!! At least I have about 9-12 months of survival food buckets, I have bought live the last 5 years. Water however, could become an issue, even...
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    America Is Running Out of Everything

    But remember, THE important thing is that Pelosi has a sizable stash of her Jeni’s ice cream! (Except now she has to share with Joe-bama). :banning:banning:banning
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    Kamala'a secret trip to Palm Springs

    I wish we could cut them out of our government - all of them. There are probably only enough decent people left in D.C. to fill a “Yugo”.
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    US: We want nuclear talks with Iran to restart 'soon'

    I guess that means they need a new infusion of cash delivered in the middle of the night ? Just thinking out loud————-
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    U.S. Troops Have Been Secretly Training Taiwan's Military: Report

    I just read that. How could a nuclear sub with the latest sonar/detection “run into” an unidentified object? Really ????? Like maybe something that evaded detection???????? Asking for a friend —————
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    WSJ: IRS bank snooping will lead to control over how you save and spend your own money…

    You nailed it. They probably consider “us” wealthy if we just HAVE $600.00 in a bank. And when everything goes digital, there will be no way to have a “stash” like my grandparents had under their mattress! And my FIL still keeps his over the attic fan :whisper
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    WSJ: IRS bank snooping will lead to control over how you save and spend your own money…

    So they want to catch wealthy tax dodgers?????? That sends the vast majority of D.C. to the slammer, along with probably 80% of state and local governments. I would laugh, but nothing is funny about the death of America in the past year and a half.
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    The Last Generation

    After reading the last few posts, I felt it might be good to post something that was the topic of our current women’s Bible study. Last week was about this very topic of Satan’s increasing push to torment Christians as his time is coming to a close. The acronym is “R.E.S.P.O.N.D.” R. Resist...
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    Biden Endorses Controversial Bill Guaranteeing Abortion 'Without Limitations'

    And they should start with themselves, but then they never see their own reality. If God can reach any of them, it needs to happen quickly, because this world is at the boiling point - ALL of it. :nukes