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    Coronavirus update

    The "dreaded" check engine light isnt necessarily serious. She would need to go to a store like Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts where they download a code from the car's OBD connector. They do it for free but they're not allowed into your car because of the virus. They'll lend you the...
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    Rockets fired at Iraqi airbase hosting American forces

    Yes this could be the perfect time to take care of their nuclear threat.....finally
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    Rockets fall on Baghdad International Airport, injuring several people

    Agenda-free TV is reporting that the killing of Qasem Soleimani is confirmed and not just a rumor. WOW ! Times of Israel is reporting this also
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    Iran's Rouhani orders abandonment of all nuclear R&D commitments

    This is code for "build an atomic bomb"... :nod We sure have been following these Iranian shenanigans for a long time....
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    I have a question to ask

    I have to believe that these days lots of businesses are in trouble also. My landline long-distance phone provider is one example. Their billing department and customer service apparently is in shambles. I tried to make an electronic payment the other day and it was nowhere to be found even...
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    What tune has been replaying in your head today?

    Hu Yavo (He Will Come) LYRICS Messianic Praise and Worship by Joshua Aaron Available on you-tube.........
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    Man Trying to Change the Climate

    I only have one lung due to one being removed 4 years ago due to a large tumor. With all the heat and humidity in Delaware the past few months I've been able to breathe ok. But in answering InMidian's post for the past 6 months I have been having allergy problems including blood coming from the...
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    "My eyes are open to what's wrong with the church"

    The local church I have attended for the last 20 years continues to go off the rails. I could stand the loud music but I have friends who cannot stand it. After all the church has earplugs in the back of the sanctuary for anyone to use. Then there is the smoke generator which added an...
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    6 Philadelphia Police Officers Shot During Gun Battle In Nicetown-Tioga Section

    I used to go to the Spektrum in South Philly to see the Flyers in the late 70's...….. they smoked marijuana in the seats and people used to get high even though they weren't smoking it.
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    6 Philadelphia Police Officers Shot During Gun Battle In Nicetown-Tioga Section

    Agree Dan...… I used to take the train from Westtown to Philly when it was operating but has long since stopped running. I took the Broad st. subway to Spring Garden St and back in those days when I did college there for 2 years not one iota of trouble. One time in N. Philly (forgot the reason...
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    6 Philadelphia Police Officers Shot During Gun Battle In Nicetown-Tioga Section

    This is why I stay out of the "City of brotherly love"
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    Are electric cars worth it

    To me the issue is still safety. Even the charger has to operate correctly. Lithium batteries can be charged only to a certain voltage then the charging current must be stopped or the battery will overheat and be damaged. There's also a limit on how high a current that may be used. Anything over...
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    Jesus Came to Divide Families

    I was saved 40 years ago when I was in my 30's. My grandfather was a Methodist traveling preacher who drove around the Maryland and Delaware area on a motorcycle to preach at different services. He then got his own church in Beltsville Maryland where I would go to hear his sermons when I was a...
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    Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib to visit Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Ramallah

    The latest is that they're not allowed in...……. good...
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    Anyone noticing a rash of cell phone store break-in's?

    Not owning a smartphone I don't know much about them but apparently you can use them without activation at a Wifi hotspot according to some articles even without being on a plan. That makes these stolen ones more valuable and could be used for any purpose at all. I have an old flip phone that I...