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    Coronavirus update

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    Poll: 29% see Biblical ‘last days,’ 44% say virus is God’s ‘wake-up call’

    I recently awakened to loud knocks, like someone knocking on my door, it was so loud but no one was there. I know I didn't dream them, and we are rural, not any people walking around at 6am.
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    Texas city moves to fine people who don't cover their faces outside to protect against coronavirus

    I'm going to break out my sewing machine and make some, the pattern seems simple enough for me.
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    Hand sewing

    I have when my husband hands me his shorts that the buttons fell off. I can't say I'm good at it! I have a sewing machine but I'm not great at learning without a physical teacher around.
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    Any "preppers" out there?

    My husband is now happy that I have prepped. We don't need to visit any grocery stores any time soon and have plenty to share. He was saying I was going a little overboard right before the virus. Over the years I have managed to fit 6 months of supplies in our 5th wheel, with just grabbing...
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    Texting people for Christ

    I do the same on Facebook, I get mostly crickets lol I'll be praying for your texts to fall on softened hearts.
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    How were you introduced to Bible prophecy?

    I forgot that when I was a kid, we had this huge white bible with a picture of Jesus on the front. I dug it out of a pile of dusty books. My family didn't go to church, and I don't remember any talk about Jesus growing up. I read it and especially liked Revelations. That was definitely my...
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    China lying significantly about coronavirus numbers

    I have not believed their numbers at all. Saw too many twitter videos and read too many articles that painted a different picture.
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    How were you introduced to Bible prophecy?

    I was a total bookworm in school, and I read all the Left Behind books as the library got them. That pretty much spurred my interest. Later I stumbled onto Chuck Missler's bible studies on YouTube bringing back my interest.
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    It is an amazing time to be alive: Pope and UN asking for global ceasefire

    Peace and safety, Id2020, global chaos, quantum dot tattoos....I mean, I really really think this could be it. We just have to watch and wait, but it is a very exciting time to be witnessing.
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    Coronavirus update

    :pray for David
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    Coronavirus update

    Got a phone call and text yesterday, our county is locked down here in south Texas. Some family freaking out, now is the time to let them know Jesus is coming =)
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    Coronavirus update

    Some of my Christian friends think this is a hoax. It's frustrating. My parents were told to stay home by their doctor, but they keep going out unnecessarily. My parents are high risk.
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    Coronavirus update

    I don't think the virus is a hoax, I think it's very real, and deadly to many. But I also believe there's an agenda behind it, paving the way for the antichrist. It's also a fantastic opportunity to tell people about Christ Jesus!
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    Before the Wrath movie

    I just got the movie in the mail last week, I thought it was great, but it seemed short. Definitely a good one to pass along to people who don't believe in the rapture.