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    Southern Living

    I arrived in the Louisville airport last week. It is now named after a muslim boxer (UGH). I was really pretty disturbed by the advertisements as I walked to the luggage area. If you didn't know any better, you'd probably think everyone in Louisville is a queer, bourbon drinking, gambling-loving...
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    Southern Living

    I love those billboards. Oftentimes, they are strategically placed next to the nearby "spa".
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    Galatians Chapter 5

    Oh dear...well then I hope she has never eaten past the point of being satisfied nutritionally or she has never spoken an unkind word about someone behind their back. She would have committed gluttony or gossip. No matter how hard I try, I can never be perfect. This is frustrating but mostly...
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    Southern Living

    I just visited Bonita Springs, Florida, just north of Naples. It was a very nice area. I did visit Naples and have never seen that kind of wealth anywhere I have ever gone before. The thrift stores there were like a high dollar furniture store here in KY where I live. I have read several times...
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    Is this the year for the big one?

    I have a friend who is a retired chemist for the US Army. He told me years ago that the pole was already shifting and that it was messing with GPS coordinates for airport landing strips and that it was having to be adjusted to compensate for the shift. He made me aware of a really interesting...
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    China Virus in United States!

    Natural news is reporting that is an engineered disease that has been spread to depopulate. Their website is currently under attack and apparently there are several others. Pretty scary stuff. Another thing I read that can help with germ reduction is to get a shopping cart from outside and use...
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    The end of privacy- Clearview App

    And POOF! We gone!
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    Ignoring Child Rape in Britain

    I have read that their acronym is MAP which stands for minor attracted persons. This is SICK to the core. I have very violent, angry reactions to all these stories of crimes against our children. I think about confronting a pedophile with a large pair of very sharp lop shears. Somehow, I feel...
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    Report from the Richmond VA Rally with pics

    I have been praying for safety for those going today and for truth to be told, especially if anything was stirred up. Is the event over now, or is it still going on?
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    Is this the year for the big one?

    Does this mean that the antarctic will be at the north pole now and arctic at the south pole?
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    Witnessing encouragement

    I long to have a group to meet with in person to pray for and encourage each other in our efforts to reach the lost. I desperately want to reach out to people. At the airport recently, I sat and talked silently to God asking Him to give me courage and lead me to someone who might listen about...
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    Tragedy Compounded

    I wonder if all the many problems with the article posted could potentially indicate the reality of what this author was trying to say. Perhaps we are all victims of wrong thinking perpetrated by psychology? I am not a biblical expert at all, but I do not see Jesus or anyone ever tell us to...
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    Todd Bentley Investigation Finds ‘Steady Pattern’ of Immoral Conduct

    I was so thankful for Todd Bentley 13 years ago. His very extreme antics opened my eyes to fact that these false prophets are the very thing we are warned about over and over again in the New Testament. Once God peeled the scales away, my family and I ran as quickly as possible away from this...
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    Perry Stone

    I don't have anything in writing but I will say that in my "hooky pook" days, I attended some of his events and everyone , including Perry, were speaking out loud in tongues which is biblically incorrect. My take on him was that he did have a lot of biblical knowledge, especially on Israel, but...
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    Whole lotta shaking going on - and volcanoes too!

    Normally there are 20 erupting. Currently 43.