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    Noah's Ark leaves Ipswich after 18-month stay

    Been there once and missed being there already.
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    Chinese Scientists Claim to Impregnate Male Rat

    They're bored so they're taking it to the whole new stupidity level. Can they make the dead rise up and walk?
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    Federal Task Force Shoots Fugitive in Minneapolis

    At least one less dumpster to deal with.
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    Arizona Senate is Reportedly Considering An Additional Audit of Maricopa County

    Barcode the stamp and track it through apps? It's 2021 and we should know where our mails goes.
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    Ireland recognises Israel’s ‘de facto annexation’ of Palestine

    Part of me are Irish and Italy; disappointed at their decision over Israel. Forget it. I'm not really part of Irish or Italy but I'm fully of Christ Jesus. Enough said.
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    Florida's Big Tech Bill

    Ha. I definitely can see big tech bringing this all the way to Washington DC supreme Court.
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    Florida's Big Tech Bill

    100k per Floridian-person in Florida if they were silent by big tech. Really I can't imagine how much will it impacts them but I watching.
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    Florida's Big Tech Bill

    Florida’s Big Tech Bill gives every Floridian the power to fight back against deplatforming and allows any person to sue Big Tech companies for up to $100,000 in damages. Today, we level the playing field between celebrity and citizen on social media. ____________________________________ I...
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    Another music star has come out as "non-binary"

    Have this non-binary sang non-binary songs yet? I would baffled if it reaches to music top chart.
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    Another Humiliation for Biden: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Unable to Talk to Chinese Military Leaders Despite Repeated Attempts

    I'm surprised that Chinese didn't provide translators for us to understand what Biden say. ASL interpreter had a hard time interpreting what he say.
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    Concerned over China

    Also I am strong believer that what ever we allowed happen to Israel and God, in return, will allow what ever enemies do to us. Doesn't matter who we vote.
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    Concerned over China

    They, China, basically saying good ole USA is gone so they are taking over without worrying about who they are waking up. USA is done when we let this happen. Yes ***we***