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    The Most Difficult Lesson for Christians To Learn (Psalm 119:114)

    Instead of asking God for help to rectify the result of misguided choices that were made by ourselves, perhaps we should be asking for wisdom to not make those choices without asking for guidance from God in the first place ......
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    'Australian record'-sized hailstones have fallen on North Queensland

    BOM says 'Australian record'-sized hailstones have fallen on North Queensland The Bureau of Meteorology says Tuesday's storm in Bloomsbury and Yalboroo, north of Mackay in North Queensland, may have created the largest hailstones seen in Australia since records began. "We've seen some...
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    Crown Him With Many Crowns

    Words of truth but I so struggle with the brownie points syndrome ...... I just cannot seem to get to point of ...... "overwhelmed by the fact that He has accepted you just as you are" :(
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    Archaeologists find 2,700-year-old toilet in luxurious palace in Jerusalem

    we have one internal toilet and two lemon trees .....
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    Finding Hope In Times of Trouble (Romans 8:28)

    the light at the end of the tunnel usually turns out to be a train heading full steam at me ......
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    Pre-Rapture Poll

    hearing "Come up here" ...... is about it I reckon, and then wham........ everything is beautiful
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    Finding Gog

    That gives some compelling thoughts that I had not even thought about, now I am..
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    Switzerland overwhelming votes 'yes' to same-sex marriage

    Switzerland overwhelming votes 'yes' to same-sex marriage UPI World News Sept. 26, 2021 11:32 PM Sept. 26 (UPI) -- Swiss voters in a referendum on Sunday overwhelming approved of allowing same-sex couples...
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    Is this the year for the big one?

    I thought I would have a one time go at filling in for earthquakes on the 25th ..... of which there were two apparantely if I did it correctly! 4 IV 2021-09-25 22:21:19.61hr 40min ago 24.34 N 121.80 E 47 5.0 TAIWAN 62 III 2021-09-25 03:12:15.1 16.80 N 61.19...
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    Pre-Trib Rapture Arguments

    now that was worth repeating...... just sayin LOL
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    Satellite images: North Korea expanding uranium enrichment plant

    so what would happen if all those despots got together and said lets launch our invasions on our favourite target countries simultaneously and see what happens!......
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    Interesting and Evidence...about the Biblical story of Sodom

    but the men didnt see it coming cause they were already blinded ......
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    Is this the year for the big one?

    21st of September in Mansfield, Victoria, Australia had a magnitude 6 earthquake this morning, no injuries reported yet but some small amount of building damage. It was 10km deep and Mansfield is around 200km from Melbourne, it was felt in two other states NSW and Launceston in Tasmaina...
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    Rapture: Instant disappearing, or visible ascent?

    I think when the catching up happens there will probably not be enough time to think "wow, this is it"
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    Living in Biblical Times

    Very good ..... every day is closer to going to be with the Lord Jesus....... I am hoping for the trumpet call first rather than another way! LOL