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    TV shows

    Keeping up Appearances American Pickers Golden Girls Sale of the Century Sanford and Son Concentration The Flintstones Lucky Dog Mama's Family
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    Pleased to meet you all

    Welcome! Adorable cat by the way
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    Glad you joined us
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    Hi I am Caligal!!!!

    Welcome back!
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    Anxiety and depression

    I relate to the anxiety and depression and I'm in treatment for them. I will pray that you feel better.
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    Dealing the loneliness

    Thanks everyone for the kind words!
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    Dealing the loneliness

    Thanks everyone. I definitely will get more involved in commenting on the various threads. I appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers.
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    Dealing the loneliness

    Thanks that is a good idea
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    Dealing the loneliness

    Thanks that is a good idea
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    Dealing the loneliness

    Thanks. Yes, I think I would be
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    Dealing the loneliness

    Tv Thanks for your kind words. I love the deer and bunny, too.
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    Dealing the loneliness

    Oops. Dealing with Loneliness
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    Dealing the loneliness

    Hi, I have been struggling greatly with loneliness, especially since COVID 19. I'm in a wheelchair due to multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord damage and I have many chronic health issues. I have very little contact with my remaining family and don't see friends often enough. I have few Christian...