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    The Kurds are more than counter-terror allies

    Even superstar celebrities like Cher and Hollywood actor Robert Deniro took to twitter to denounce President Trump’s withdrawal of US troops Well now, I've been waiting to see what they had to say about it.:sarcasm I too support PDJT. It is time to get our troops out of these wars.
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    Dems double down on impeachment after Ukraine transcript release, describe call as mafia-style ‘shakedown’

    Looks like they started picking at that Giuliani scab, so maybe that will be next weeks agenda.
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    I Wonder...

    Well I have to wonder about that also, and I'm no Bible scholar but Paul said in Philippians I believe that to be absent from the body is to be in the presence of the Lord. So there is that, but I don't know if the dead in Christ's spirit goes to the judgement seat of Christ when they get there...
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    Trump fires John Bolton

    Excellent analysis, and I totally agree.
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    Trump fires John Bolton

    John Bolton is not the President, DJ Trump is. IMO the President made the correct decision not to strike back at Iran for shooting down an unmanned drone. John Bolton wanted him to strike them, and if innocents were killed, well that's too bad. Good riddance to Bolton.
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    Trump admin allows veterans’ hospitals to have Bibles, Christmas trees again

    He is Bully for Christ. I like that. Trump2020
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    Miss Michigan World America Stripped Of Title For Being Conservative, Refusing to Wear Hijab

    OK, let me get this straight, they tried to put one of them Hijab things on her by force? No way
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    UFOs and the Big Post-Rapture Lie!

    I don't believe in UFO's and I don't believe in polls. I believe in the word of God, and that's enough for me.
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    Widespread power outage in Manhattan

    I have two Grand daughters in NYC this week. They are on a mission trip through their Church, and they texted us some pictures and mentioned there was a power outage across the street from where they were, but they had power. I pray the Lord will keep them safe as their group ministers to people...
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    Trump: Congresswomen from corrupt, inept countries should go back there

    Thank God for Pres Trump, he speaks the truth. Reminds me after the inept Presidency of Jimmy Carter, we got Ronald Reagan. After the inept Presidency of Barrack H Obama, we got Donald J Trump, thank God. 4 more years. Trump 2020!!!!
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    Netanyahu: We are preparing for broad, surprising campaign in Gaza

    Just curious, why you don't think he believes in or acknowledges God.