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    Does God Change His Mind?

    Excellent article, America WAKE UP!
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    Daniel Turner: Biden bows to radical left by pledging to cancel Keystone XL pipeline – Americans would suffer

    I love this statement: "Biden’s decision to put Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez in charge of formulating his energy policy is like putting two vegans in charge of overseeing all U.S. meat production."
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    Coronavirus update

    Yeah, that is funny. There is another good one that my SIL just showed me from facebook. It is done to the song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". I don't know if it is on Youtube or not but it quite clever and Funny.:pound
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    The upcoming election

    Wasted vote. For your vote to mean anything, it needs to be cast for Republican or Democrat. It is what it is. :)
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    Our president intends to use the military to distribute vaccine!

    Excellent post. I don't post much, but I do read a lot on this Forum, and the bolded above is good advice for all of us going forward. God Bless.
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    A Warning About the Coronavirus Judgment

    Yeah, the second wave coming at the time of election. America is going to go down the drain or maybe get better for a little while longer. IMHO
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    Kim Jong Un's Health

    The sister may be a better leader for the N Korean people than Kim. If I remember correctly, she encouraged Kim to go to the Olympics, and she sat beside Mike Pence showing herself to be more open to the rest of the world. :idunno
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    Stimulus Check?

    My wife and I were, like you, waiting for ours to show up by direct deposit because that's what I read would happen. However, we just heard from our DIL that we have checks at our home address, so we will be going in to get soon. I'm kind of glad they came that way because they have Donald...
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    True oil crash

    I saw diesel at 1.99 yesterday, haven't seen that for a while.
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    Right-Wing Protesters, Some Armed, Demand Governors End Social Distancing Measures

    Yes, if there came a time when all 3 branches of Government, and most of the State Governors, were controlled by hard left Democrats or Republicans, and they were implementing policies that strangled freedoms of the people, then agreed it would be time to toss off the rogue Government. I tend to...
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    Right-Wing Protesters, Some Armed, Demand Governors End Social Distancing Measures

    Naw, if you are saying the Constitution gives someone the right to shoot their Governor, or President, then you are quite wrong. o_O
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    Trumps plan to open America

    I wonder if that is the same number previously used for reporting terrorist activity (if you see something, say something), and now it's just become a tattle-tale number. :idunno
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    Trumps plan to open America

    Rather than preplanned over kill, I would think our officials were being cautious. JMHO :)
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    Trumps plan to open America

    I'm in Texas, and Gov Abbott is going to speak to us tomorrow. There are some counties here that haven't been affected at all, so I figure he is going to open those counties, but others like Harris county (Houston) and Dallas are pretty bad still, as I understand it.