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    Chinese state-run site proposes ‘final solution to the Taiwan question'

    Only God can save ANY of us now.............
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    Alec Baldwin kills one and injures another with a prop gun.

    From what I've read, there was discord on the set with threats of crew members walking off the job. Alec, along with acting in the film, was also listed as a producer or director. I could see him getting angry over a possible walk-out or if things weren't being done the way he wanted. Why was...
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    What Did You Do Today?

    Actually, any yellow apparel works for us. Nope, not the little old tea ladies............... This is a lovely group of women (700+) aging from about 30-80 who love camping and having fun of almost any kind. Friendliest, most accepting group of ladies I've ever met, from every background...
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Wine tasting with a group of friends this evening - with a plethora of appetizers. That's dinner for tonight. Tomorrow will be a nice, small steak with sauteed mushrooms and bernaise sauce, and a baked potato and goodies on top.
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    What Did You Do Today?

    Today Deb and I are driving a little over an hour to a small family winery and tasting room out of Escondido. We're meeting up with 10-12 other women from our social group to do a wine tasting, and all are bringing an appetizer to share afterwards with a few bottles of purchased wine. We will...
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    Hawaii big island volcano

    Yes, it is part of the Ring of Fire. The state of Hawaii is a chain of islands. Hawaii is the name of the largest island of the five. "The Big Island" is it's nickname,
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    Alec Baldwin kills one and injures another with a prop gun.

    Alec Baldwin has a reputation of being a hot-head, and losing his temper (going balistic) over trivial things. Over and over again throughout his career. Not saying he did it intentionally, but it is in the realm of the reputation that he has.
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    Quiting Facebook!

    The only reason I stay on it now is because of the womens' group I belong to. All communication on events and activities are posted on Facebook only. So I check in each day to see if anything new has been added, so I can sign up. My friends on FB are doing nothing but posting memes, etc. and...
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    America’s Onrushing Collapse!

    The American public has been re-electing the same corrupt people to run our country for years and years. Getting them out of office is next to impossible. Why? Because voters are lazy and don't review how their elected leaders are voting........... it's easier to just keep them in office. A...
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    Riders Held Up Cellphones As Woman Was Raped on SEPTA Train

    This shows the degree to which our society has fallen. There is no longer love, empathy, or a feeling of responsibility to help someone in grave anger anymore. Everyone is out for themselves in today's world. We live in a world that is very much like the world Noah lived in. God did...
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    America Is Running Out of Everything

    Okay.......... I just got home from a trip to Trader Joe's and Costco. Both stores were well stocked with very few empty spaces on shelves. We had no problem getting everything on our list. I also want to note that last time we were at our "normal" grocery store - about two weeks ago - things...
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    Facebook announces it’s hiring 10,000 people in EU to build ‘metaverse’

    What you say here is non-relevant. The fact is that we are in the end times. All gloves are off now. It is good versus evil............. period. Yes, we know who wins in the end. But, until that end comes, we have no idea how bad it can and will get. Thankfully. we believers will be...
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    Glad to be part of the forum

    Welcome to the forum! We're so happy you are here with us!
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    The chosen tv show

    Sorry, The Chosen has never promoted itself as being fully biblical. They have said from the beginning that they have inserted non-biblical material into their programs............. to round out the human characters involved. They have always admitted they have added non-existent characters to...
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    America Is Running Out of Everything

    Ummmm........... tummy troubles are keeping me home today, so the Costco run is delayed until tomorrow. Sorry guys. But, I will report back once I get there and come home tomorrow.