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    Happy Birthday Momma D!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Marianne!! :hug:inlove
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    In South Dakota, the Road Signs Lead to the Wall

    Been there tons of times!! Everyone should visit at least once in their life! And the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD...both along 1-90! Don't forget Mt Rushmore in the Black Hills too!! :D
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    Major Hurricane to hit Gulf Coast

    Praying for everyone dealing with the chaos & havoc, loss & damage, pain & suffering this hurricane is causing so many folks!! Praying for those dealing with the power outages and terrible flooding in Ida's path! :pray:pray:pray
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    Major Hurricane to hit Gulf Coast

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    Major Hurricane to hit Gulf Coast

    Dear MERCIFUL Lord!! :pray:pray:pray
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    Major Hurricane to hit Gulf Coast

    Andi, I'm sure he totally gets you!! He is probably away from the forums right now do to the big family bday party they are hosting for Joan, his MIL. :hug
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    Be Sure!

    Be Sure! By: Maxine M. ‘Life is short, live for the moment!’ This is what the “world” has to say Go ahead!! Give in to every indulgence & addiction…be happy, carefree & gay When you are old, THEN you can find God…take time to pray Forgetting we are “frail”, created only from dust Created as a...
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    Major Hurricane to hit Gulf Coast

    Amen! :pray:pray:pray
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    Happy Birthday RonJohnSilver!

    Happy Birthday!! :inlove:hug
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    Happy Birthday Chris!

    Happy birthday to you, precious brother! May the Lord bless you and give you COMPLETE healing!! :pray:pray:hug:inlove
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    Happy Birthday seated with Christ!

    Happy belated birthday, brother! Be blessed!! :hug ❤❤
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    Happy Birthday Carl!

    That's GREAT!! Happy belated birthday, Carl!! :hug❤
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    Happy Birthday MattFiveFour!!!

    Happy Birthday, Adrian!! You are a BLESSING to us all so I ask the Lord to bless you DOUBLE today!! We love you, brother!! ❤❤❤⚘⚘⚘:meet
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    Got Hacked

    I'm very sorry this happened to you! :pray :pray
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    I think I've started the change.....

    Praying for you sister!! Panick attacks are horrible to go through. I pray your bloodwork will show something that you can treat easily and with zero to low side effects. I take thyroid meds for hypothyroidism and also have gone through the change. I take St John's Wart to level out my...