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    Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

    My girlfriend was telling me about some kind of bags you put potatoes in to bake them in the microwave. Anybody have these? Was thinking DH may need a set for Father's Day. He loves kitchen gadgets!!! I have already made note of The Ringer from the first post.
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    Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

    I have a couple of rubber jar openers. Absolutely essential for arthritic hands.
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    Are You Washed?

    Lay aside the garments that are stained with sin!!! Oh what A Savior!!!!! Brings tears to my eyes!!
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    Former Vice President Walter Mondale Dies at Age 93

    Certainly RIP. Glad you included the article. I know very little about him.
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    Another Accidental Shooting in Minneapolis

    I am going to point out that the B in black is big, the W in white is small. How ridiculous is this?? How the libs would howl if we wrote Men and women. Or White and black. I think things like this contribute to racial problems.
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    Milk and honey........goat milk or cow milk? Cause bees are supposedly dwindling and you know about that bovine flatulence......
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    TV shows

    I absolutely hated The Newly Wed Game...Gene Rayburn was the host, I think. And The Gong Show with that goofy dude...Chuck somebody, maybe????
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    The Evil of Self Identification

    Thumbs down to that craziness. Can we hear from members in other countries?? Is this a world wide phenomenon? I would think the Muslim countries would not allow this, nor the communists? And certainly not tribal people who have not been exposed to this *new way of thinking*? I have read that...
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    Melchizedek, Jesus, And Us

    Excellent article. Recently the thought slipped into my mind about how highly esteemed we seem to be in the eyes of the Master. This thought blows me away and will continue to until I am in His Presence. I can't wrap my mind around even a tiny piece of how much Our Savior loves us. I am not...
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    Hair color?

    Just used a 2 step product that colors and high lights. Left the high lights on too long and have funky hair...that's it in my avatar. Used the high lights for a minimal time on gdaughters hair (both of them) and it turned out pretty. Next time I won't over process.mine.
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    NCAA Will No Longer Allow Championships to Be Held in States That Protect Female Athletes

    Fyi...I gave the thumbs down to the message of the article, not TT.
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    Mexico Tells Biden: Expect ‘Constant and Growing’ Migration

    I truly do feel for the people of Central America and I am no bleeding heart. As Tall stated above, there is really no way to help them because of their corrupt govt. Don't the drug cartels control almost everything? We who live in countries with less corrupt govts, still have a lot to be...
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    Asa Hutchinson Sells Out Gender-Dysphoric Children

    I find it amazingly ridiculous to allow a child to receive the meds or surgery. How can there not be age limits imposed? There are age limits for buying alcohol, tobacco, fire arms, getting a driver's license or voting. But a 13 yr old can have her breasts removed?????? I do believe the...
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    DL CEO Greenblatt: Tucker Carlson ‘Has to Go’ — He Is a Gateway to ‘Dangerous Conspiracy Theories’

    I never thought it was a *cabal of Jews* doing the plotting. But what do I know?? I just found out Saturday that there is a growing fight in the plus sized sewing community...big fat (gals) vs little fat (gals). I am upset because I am a medium sized fat and anyone who is less that big fat is...