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    FOX news war: Tucker, Shepard Smith, Napolitano

    Paul Ryan is on the Board of Directors at FOX and is pushing them to dump President Trump.
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    The unseen hand manipulating politics

    I guess the only question I have is will America turn socialist before or after the Rapture? If they crash the economy Lizzie will be President.
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    Our National Debt

    I'm not concerned about the national debt or the unfunded future debts. Our entire economy is a bubble waiting to burst. The feds are pumping money into banks every night. Look into repos. If the reset doesn't happen in the next year I would be surprised.
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    'Trump's plan talks about a Palestinian state in Area C'

    In my opinion America has been blessed because of the Presidents support of Israel. What will happen if he divides Israel?
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    Netanyahu: We will have no choice but start military campaign in Gaza

    It may be different this time because America might not tell them to stop.
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    Trump’s Afghan gamble is about to begin - analysis

    Bring the troops home. They don't want peace, they want islam
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    Russia Russia Russia Racist Racist Racist Ression Ression Ression I wonder what the next R word will be?
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    6 Philadelphia Police Officers Shot During Gun Battle In Nicetown-Tioga Section

    America must be destroyed for the one world government to succeed. American cities are circilling the drain. The Rapture will finish off the heartland.
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    Yair Netanyahu says his father is a ‘weak man who does foolish things’

    BiBi doesn't want one IDF soldier to die, and that is not good for a General. The mission should always come first. I also sometimes wonder if he puts the world first and GOD second.
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    The Hunt

    This movie concept goes back to the 1940's and the people being hunted always turn the tables on the hunters. The right in America have 300 million guns and a trillion bullets and the left don't know what bathroom to use. I don't fear people who are traumatized by strong perfume.
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    Iran has seized British Tanker and crew of 23

    Nothing will happen until they kill an American.
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    Widespread power outage in Manhattan

    What is unusual is they still don't know why it happened.
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    Food Prices Seem To Be Rising Now

    11 Million acres of corn, 10.3 million acres of soybeans are planted Yes the upper Midwest was hit hard, but last week I went from GA. to OK. and corn was 5 or 6 feet. The Mississippi was still overflowing.
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    Food Prices Seem To Be Rising Now

    The floods just delayed planting. Wages are going up so costs are going up. Media = FUD