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    Let my people go

    The Holy Spirit has been placing an urging in my thoughts to write it a song or poem...about Jesus and Moses. It says how Moses came to pharoah commanding him to let God's people go. When God displayed His wonders pharoah lost all control and let His people go. It ends stating...
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    How do You guys discern

    I would say the best way is to spend time with the Father. I'm reading a mystery story where a letter was sent by a kidnapper with the victim's name signed. The recipient noted that it didn't sound like the victim. How did he know? They were friends. They spent time together. The more time...
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    Hello again

    Greetings. Not really new...just returning. I've really been lurking in the shadows here. Mostly I am interested in the political situation and the goings on in Israel. I use Rapture Ready news daily and often look here for commentary on the news. Right now I just need to rave about my...