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    ANALYSIS: Turkey now technically at war with Russia and Syria

    Maybe this is how Isaiah 17 becomes fulfilled...
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    Group petitions to join this state, blaming Oregon's liberal Democrats

    We have the same problems in NY. Most counties have voted against Gov. Coumo but yet he still remains in office because of NYC and alot of the state doesn't agree with his policies
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    Israel reveals it is now targeting Iranian forces militarily

    Strike first, THEN make those comments about attacking the head of the octopus.
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    Kushner: No recognition of Palestinian statehood if PA can't uphold standards set in deal

    Yes i agree, but most of the world is delusional and see only what they want to see.
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    ROCKET SIRENS SOUND IN GAZA BORDER COMMUNITIES IDF TANK STRIKES HAMAS OUTPOST ON GAZA BORDER By JERUSALEM POST STAFF Following the launching of mortars oriiginating from Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces responded with tank fire Friday afternoon, striking...
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    Tomorrow at noon

    This Is why i posted earlier i was excited to hear about the peace plan. It is prophecy moving forward and being fulfilled. I just can't wait to be at Home with all of you and the Lord!
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    Tomorrow at noon

    I couldnt sleep last night im excited and im trying to get all my errands done before noon. Cant wait!
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    IDF sends more troops to Jordan Valley ahead of Trump plan release

    I think The plan will be rejected by the Palestinians, regional wars will break out (psalm 83, Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38 all come to fruition), rapture somewhere in there, and then they wil come to the table with their tails between their legs (knowing our Almighty God is on Israel's side) to sign...
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    Trump to tell Israelis they have 6 weeks to get peace plan moving — report

    Your quote might just come to fruition... US President Donald Trump’s peace plan may only be implemented by a new government and in dialogue with Israel’s neighbors, Blue and White Party...
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    Netanyahu, Gantz invited to White House to hear US peace plan

    Jerusalem Post reporting that tge Deal of the Century could possibly even be released by tomorrow! But i find that hard to believe they would release it if they are meeting with Netanyahu and Ganz on Tuesday...
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    Everything you must know about the biggest diplomatic event in Israel’s history

    This event makes me wonder if this event could be the Scripture that says they will all be saying peace and security, and kicks off the sudden destruction coming.
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    Kushner, Berkowitz Cancel Trip to Israel

    I feel the same way. I think we get frustrated because we just want to hear the trumpet blast and be called Home to be with Him forever. It will happen on His perfect timing. And what a glorious day it will be!
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    Kushner, Berkowitz Cancel Trip to Israel

    I was really looking forward to the peace plan being rolled out. It seems as if there could be yet another delay for it to be unveiled.