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    Hawaii-Based F-22s Scrambled On FAA's Request But Nobody Will Say Why

    I have wondered where China stands. I can't imagine them being for it. Don't they want to rule the world?
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    So....what to make of Trump's “defeat”

    I don't "believe" it, but at this point, nothing would surprise me. Anything could happen. That said, those people who say God has told them that have also been saying many other things that have not come true as well as many things that are just plain unbiblical. They are false prophets, even...
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    Is God In Total Control Of Everything?

    You can make a horse do what you want through force or fear. But what is better is to get him to do what you want him to do without him realizing it. If you can make your idea become his idea, he does not perceive it as your idea and he is less resistant to it. How do you do that? You have a...
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    Is God In Total Control Of Everything?

    One reason we have trouble with this issue is our human definition of "good" as being that which feels good. God's definition of good is much higher and deeper and is not about feelings. He is concerned for our ultimate good and for His plan for the ages.
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    The Eternals

    Whatever eternity is like, I do know this! Psalm 16:11 "in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore"
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    So....what to make of Trump's “defeat”

    ...and the influence of his "spiritual advisor" Paula White...
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    Parable of the Fig Tree - Arnold Fruchtenbaum

    Who does Luke mean by "and all the trees"? What nations? I saw an interesting map showing the nations surrounding Israel, and how they all became nations in the twentieth century.
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    Is the Southern Baptist Convention a Sinking Ship?

    Over the years, I have read of people questioning why the SBC doesn't do something about various errant churches or leaders. I think it basically boils down to money. In the case of Rick Warren and Beth Moore, their materials bring in lots of money. Churches are not kicked out because the SBC...
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    Why does Scripture say that Amnon "was in love with" Tamar?

    Strong's Concordance: Transliteration: 'ahab Pronunciation: ä·hav' Part of Speech: verb Root Word (Etymology): A primitive root TWOT Reference: 29 Outline of Biblical Usage: to love (Qal) human love for another, includes family, and sexual human appetite for objects such as food...
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    John MacArthur teaches that those who take the Mark of the Beast during the Tribulation period can still be redeemed.

    Calvinists do not follow the literal historical grammatical dispensational interpretation, which is the source of most of their error.
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    I read his view that was recently posted and did not find it convincing. I hope we find out soon!
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    Because I hold to the fig tree generation view, and Psa. 90:10, as starting with the birth of Israel in 1948, I interpret the ramping up of Satanic activity as confirmation that Satan also reads the Bible that way!
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    How Close is the Second Coming?

    This author does believe in the rapture, even though it is not specifically mentioned in the above article. I don't know why he doesn't mention it here, but I suspect it is because he is writing about Mat. 24, in which Jesus is speaking...
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    In your opinion, who were the Sons of God spoken of in Genesis 6?

    But, looking around us today at the left, we see they are already just about there. I think one of the many evidences for an any-day-now rapture is that these people are already on the scene.