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    Someone willing to check out my testimony

    Thanks - there's a plan - I just haven't had time to follow through!
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    Did I go too far in my description of other gods?

    This was very helpful. I have these doubts after every children's message, devotional or article I write (and I do a lot of these). I just hadn't put two and two together. I'll be more deliberate about taking my thoughts captive. Again, thanks.
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    Did I go too far in my description of other gods?

    Thank you! I was getting a bit rattled. Listening to the father of lies, I suppose. When I prayed, I got no check in my spirit from the Spirit -- only a nudge to seek out some encouragement from the body of Christ. And I went through each word I used and asked myself "Is allah capricious? Yes...
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    Did I go too far in my description of other gods?

    I'm not sure where to post this question--if there is a better forum please move it. And my apologies for it being so long!! I'm looking for reassurance, though correction is also welcome. Each month I prepare a "prayer bookmark" for our church. This month it was on praying for unreached...
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    Someone willing to check out my testimony

    Let's see if one checks in. Thanks!
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    Have you had your trial yet?

    I love to think of trials as God setting me an obstacle course. Not to trip me up, but to make me stronger. It's always just a little harder than I think I can manage. Perhaps the greatest I ever experienced happened when my future son-in-law asked to marry my daughter. Neither of them had ever...
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    Car Batteries.

    We typically use Interstate batteries for the reasons noted above. Also they sponsored Bobby Labonte who was was son's favorite NASCAR driver back in the day. We haven't followed lately, but there was a time when drivin' fast and turnin' left was a big deal.
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    Happy Spring!

    I have 6 vases of daffodils spread around my house (yes, I spent too much on them at the local grocery store...) and a 3 year-old grand daughter who heard the birds outside and got all puzzled because it was a new sound to her - "What IS that Granny?" - followed by "Why won't they come inside...
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    Someone willing to check out my testimony

    I'd like to post my testimony - but there are parts that are a bit graphic and parts that may not fit forum rules. Is there someone who would be willing to look it over and help me delete anything that is inappropriate? Thank you in advance. It's not about the donkey - it's now and always...
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    LGBTQ-abcfd effort to gain stance in Methodist church has got a new friend in the NY Times.

    They think they are doing the right thing. They think they have discerned the truth about "what God really meant to say" about lesbian and homosexual relationships (no, you don't get to force me to say "gay" as if renaming it changes what the sin is). Since they are right, and the traditional...
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    A Former Lesbian’s Message to the UMC & LGBTQIA+ Community

    That was very helpful! I think I said this before, but it bears repeating - the opposite of homosexual attraction is not heterosexual attraction. The opposite is holiness. We are all called to holiness. And holiness means taking whatever attractions we have and submitting them to God and his...
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    How to respond to my niece (who is "bisexual")

    Here's a thought: When confused people "get in your face" declaring something about their sexuality, I wonder if the "proper" response is to say "I'm honored that you feel comfortable sharing this with me. What response were you expecting?" And let them talk. Generally they will say they...
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    Answer this sentence: God has blessed me with...

    OK, I'll pick 5 God has blessed me with his presence and his holy word in a language I can understand. God has blessed me with obstacles to overcome that have made me stronger and more assured of his help and love. God has blessed me with Christ-following children. God has bless me with...
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    Hair color?

    I used to have my hair colored - a process called carmelization, which used 3 colors plus my natural color and my gray. It was amazing and looked very natural. Also cost $$$$. Then I was widowed and men ten years younger than me asked me out. Yikes! I could not convince them I was O-L-D. So...
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    Anyone into board, card, or puzzle games?

    We like collaborative games, where everyone playing teams up to beat the odds. An example is Forbidden Island. You (and everyone else) have landed on an island that is slowly sinking; you must gather the treasures and escape together. Some individuals have special abilities (for example, ability...