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    Do You Believe in Jesus Because That’s What You Decided or Because That’s What You Were Taught?

    I really love to hear how ALL of you came to Jesus Christ . Knowing that it is the love and goodness of God that brings a man to repentance being drawn by The Holy Spirit. May the Lord bless each and everyone of you. God has plans for each and every one of you that you cannot even imagine. Never...
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    Either Or

    Definitely Brooklyn. Skin a buck or run a trout line?
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    Massachusetts suspect pulls gun on maskless man outside Walgreens: cops say

    Unfortunately this unbridled insanity will increase .
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    The Dying Light of the Day

    Yeah, I really like Pete's articles. The writing is definitely on the wall . I personally believe the Anti-Christ is already in existence and being peppered and seasoned accordingly to carry out Satan's Hellish agenda . Just waiting for the curtains to rise. I thank God daily for being a blood...
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    Either Or

    Definitely brat. Orioles or the Yankees?
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    Either Or

    :drum (I like the other as well , but I used to be a percussionist , but haven't played in awhile hence the used to be part.) Yoda or Bambi?
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    Don Lemon “Jesus admitted he wasn’t perfect”

    I hear ya friend , and it will only wax much worse.
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    Imagining a Vain Thing

    Please don't hide. We love ya. ;):hug All that glitters ain't gold...
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    If You Could Give a gift to Anyone, What Would it Be? A to Z

    George Lopez Giraffe (stuffed)
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    Don Lemon “Jesus admitted he wasn’t perfect”

    Exactly. Praise The Lamb of God.
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    Imagining a Vain Thing

    Exactly. NEVER liked that song.