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    Paul's Letter To The Galatians

    The Judaizers today are growing in number, as Kelley says, and they have the same trouble with Paul as did those in the 1st century. Now they either don't read his works at all, or try to say we don't understand what Paul was well able to clearly say, over and over. Must be a hard position...
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    :wave. Welcome to RF, Mike! You've joined a great fellowship and we're happy to have you. And no worries about the spelling thing, many of us have auto spell check, which has a mind of its own. It makes for some funny reading. Ex: mine always calls our member araj, *Arab.* :lol:
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    Prophetic Craziness: Why All the Huksterism?

    Bro, I may be reading your post wrong, but if you're asking wasn't there something to it in that companies spent billions for there not to be a problem: the hucksters (that's the correct spelling :hide) were saying there *would be* devastation caused that would basically send us back to the...
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    Rev. Graham: Obama's Wrong, Islam 'Is a False Religion'

    The point is not for me to do research, it's for you to prove Billy Graham worships satan. If you have no proof, can there be a more heinous charge to make against another believer? And if you cannot prove it, I believe Christian integrity and the Ninth Commandment about not bearing false...
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    Prophetic Craziness: Why All the Huksterism?

    Quote from the OP article : "Bible prophecy is the National Enquirer branch of theology.". Wowee, that's so true in so many quarters and so many websites. I appreciate so much all the effort Chris and the members here make to see that we're not like that. :thumbup
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Yes please! I loves me some blackened catfish, but only have it at restaurants.
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    Rev. Graham: Obama's Wrong, Islam 'Is a False Religion'

    This went from Franklin's statements in the OP to his father Billy, but just wondering if the implication is that we should be doing something different with the information you mention?
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Yes, we noticed your absence, Miz Juli, but your time at the Veteran's dinner is a *valid excuse.* :hehheh. Seriously, how wonderful to meet Gary and all those heroes, even going back to WWII! So happy you're back, sis. :hug
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    just got banned from a catholic discussion forum....

    jerichoo777 - Welcome to RF! :wave
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    Testing YouTube

    I bet it was groooovy, man! Can't picture you with patchouli incense and love beads! :hehheh
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    Crown Him Lord of All

    Thank you, Ohioan. :thumbup. I love the old hymns, so much Scripture and good theology pointing us to Jesus and His glory!
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    I'm so glad you're back too, ShilohRose! :yeah: Sorry you went through that rough patch - thank the Lord He is always faithful, and He holds all of us. :hug
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    What We Know So Far In The Gog/Magog Ezekiel 38-39 Chapter Prophecy!

    You speak for me too, bro. :nod Thank you, Lujack, for all your hard work to bring these pieces to us. :hat:
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    Peres at Rabin rally: Those who give up on peace are delusional

    Mr Peres and anti-Israel cranks out there: Thinking there is any peace to be had with those who state over and over in the most clear, unambiguous and boastful terms that they want me dead, and have proved that by their actions thousands and thousands and thousands of times over - that's the...
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    Happy 52nd Birthday vmoon! (1st of November)

    happy birthday viva! Hoping you're having a very special day, sis, and every blessing always. :rose: :hug