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    What are they doing in heaven right now?

    Maybe we get just a few seconds warning?
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    Rapture pondering... the Age of Accountability - and How we "Disappear"

    I should have phrased my reply differently. I do believe in an age of accountability for sin. I do not believe in an age for removal from the planet. It could have happened 30 different times, at least, and didn't. Why would one scenario work, but not the others? That is saying we have an...
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    Rapture pondering... the Age of Accountability - and How we "Disappear"

    Unfortunately, from reading through the thread, some have become convinced this is black and white (the issue), but it isnt. There is more gray in this area than in most. I would say the entire area is gray. Let's not limit the power of God. He doesn't want anyone in Hell. The fact is Hell...
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    Rapture pondering... the Age of Accountability - and How we "Disappear"

    This is yet another reason I believe as I do. Saying there is an age of accountability shows there is a way to cheat any sort of true accountability. No one is sending children to Hell. God isn't going to allow that. I have no idea how he works this piece of it, but I didnt create anything...
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    Rapture pondering... the Age of Accountability - and How we "Disappear"

    I totally understand why people believe as they do, I just disagree. That's what I love about RF. We can have various opinions and still share the love of the Blessed Hope.
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    Rapture pondering... the Age of Accountability - and How we "Disappear"

    Serious question - Why would the age of accountability have anything to do with the Rapture? It did not save anyone in the Ark. It did not save anyone in Sodom. Personally, I believe this is a theory to comfort people. I just dont believe it exists when discussing the Rapture.
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    Anyone else feeling weary?

    I feel it as well. I am just tired from waiting and watching. Sometimes a mood like this kicks in and lasts a few days. I think it is normal, especially considering how much we watch.
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    Millennial Kingdom

    A mermaid would be pretty cool!! You have to wonder if there will be cool things like this in the MK. Why not? lol
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    Millennial Kingdom

    This is a great topic as I am certain we all spend some time thinking about the MK. I wonder about it quite often, but there is just so little information about the MK it is hard to do an in depth research or study of it. My views line up with what have already been posted, so I guess I have...
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    Thank you all for the research. It helped! Just another story from Satan sums up Lilith.
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    Has anyone ever heard of Lillith? Supposedly she was around before Cain & Able? My daughter mentioned this person to me and although I've heard the story, it was many many years ago. Does anyone recall how the story actually goes? I know it's made up and all, I just want to remember it as...
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    I'm beginning to believe.........

    Ii also think cell phones are being groomed for a different, larger, role, Most everyone has a smart phone now. Some folks here do not, but by and large, most folks have one. They can do amazing things..... They already track us, so why not r report our activity too. It will start off just...
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    Alien Abductions explaining the Rapture

    Read up on Chuck missler. You can YouTube him as well. He was how many people found the Lord.
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    Netflix indicted by Texas grand jury for ‘Cuties’ film

    Seems like this stuff is becoming more common. Imagine the restrainer no longer restraining.