About me - Ummmm…. I'm just an insurance nerd. I spend most of my time reading. It doesn't matter what it is, I just like to learn new things. Hobbies include reading, anything outdoors, anything indoors, anything on rooftops and pretty much anything else. That about sums me up.
I'm short, 5'8. I don't like vegetables. People who text and drive annoy me, as do people who don't use turn signals. I don't have many pet peeves as I prefer to laugh than focus on any negativity.
I'm a Pre-Trib kinda guy. Made up my mind and I'm not one to flip-flop. I was raised Baptist, but consider myself non-denominational. I'm just a Christian.
Someday I would like to do a full 2 week hiking trip on one of the trails in America. Just a backpack and whatever I can carry in it. Probably alone so I can enjoy what God has created for us in peace and contemplate on his power and glory.
Email: [email protected] if you ever need anything.
St. Charles, MO
Straight Male