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    Hi all

    Welcome to RF. Glad you've joined us!
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    How Did She Do That?

    That was really neat!
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    Happy Birthday mattfivefour! (22nd of August)

    I'm kinda late for the party but Happy Birthday anyways Adrian!!!
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    Happy 40th Birthday Eva1974! (23rd of August)

    Happy Birthday Eva!!
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    Hi from Australia

    Hi and welcome to Rapture Forums!! Glad you've joined us!
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    Hi from Texas !

    Welcome from South East Texas!! Glad you've joined us!!
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    Just saying hello

    Welcome to the forum. Glad you've joined us!
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    Happy 70th Birthday Kem! (3rd of August)

    Happy belated Birthday Kem!!
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    Happy 50th Birthday Ducati! (11th of August)

    Happy 50th Birthday Ducati!!!
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    Hi from North East England

    Hi! Welcome to the forums!
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    Hello from Oregon!

    Hello there! Glad you've joined us!!
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    Starbucks: We Don't Provide Financial Support to Israel

    I don't drink coffee either. Can't stand the taste of it but I like the way it smells.
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    Happy 70th Birthday Kem! (3rd of August)

    Happy Birthday Kem!!
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    I was a Prophet of Satan

    Welcome Zosha. Glad you've joined us!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LivnForChrist

    Happy Birthday Mary!!!