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    We call it Wally-world here. They’re well kept here. There are two in our community. Both about equal in cleanliness & shelves kept neat. However, 10 miles down the road, not so much. I don’t go to them unless I reeeally have to. I try to structure my life so that I don’t.
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    Why do you believe in God, and that the Bible is true?

    I’m an analytical thinker. I consider things from all angles. The God of creation is the only “theory” that makes sense & has no gaps in it. Ergo, it comes easily to believe in the risen Christ.
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    Price of Eggs in your area?

    I’m in Alberta, Canada. I pay $4/dozen directly from the farmer. He even delivers. Well kind of delivers; we’re both at church every Friday evening.
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    Mr. Trudeau

    I put this in the politics forum just because Justin Trudeau is, unfortunately a world leader. Not only did he get voted in by a bunch of potheads, now this: Hsmommy
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    Should Convicts Have to Earn Their Keep in Prison?

    On the flip side, fentanyl is also a method of suicide. It’s like a pharmaceutical Russian roulette.
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    Delusion is spreading

    You guys are right on the money. I lead a ladies Bible study. One of the attendees said that she only reads verses that God tells her to read & only then does she read. Another ugly thing that has reared its head in our church is people living together prior to marriage & leading a Bible study...
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    Should Convicts Have to Earn Their Keep in Prison?

    In theory I agree with the article. Why should we, the taxed, law-abiding public have to foot the bill to maintain inmates? The answer is, of course, we shouldn’t. However because we are people who do care about our fellow man we see to it that food & medical care are provided. In order to...
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    If you had chosen a different Career..

    I wanted to go into psychology or social work. I ended up in banking for awhile. Most of my career has been in pharmacy including 8 years in a prison. I spent 10 years homeschooling. Now I’m happily retired.
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    What do you call your Grandparents?

    I called my grandparents Grandma & Grandma. My children called my mother Grandma. Her New Zealand grandchildren called her Nana. My grandchildren call me Grandma & their other grandparents are Nana & Papa.
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    I think I’m going to like our new premier.

    We recently got a new a new premier. I think she’s going to upset a lot of people. She’s been in office less than two weeks. I hope she can get these resolutions passed.