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    Why did the wagtail cross the road?

    A couple of years ago I was driving in heavy traffic with a lot of traffic lights. It was a three lane highway . Even when the light I was at turned green, the traffic wasn’t moving. Turns out there was a family of Canada Geese crossing the highway.
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    Thought for the day

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    Remembering 9/11

    My aunt, who at one point lived in New Jersey, worked for an Italian wine company. Her 95 year old boss was having breakfast at "Windows on the World" which was at the top of tower two. He heard the plane hit tower one and at 95 years old ran down the stairs to safety. Guess a little wine will...
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    National Archives Gives US Constitution & Declaration of Independence ‘Warning Labels’

    :faint2I guess the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf would be okay?
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    Out of the Darkness - Mental Health and Awareness

    I've always had a problem getting a proper diagnosis. I never really had any friends as a teen, so when I got into therapy as a young adult, and acted like I didn't care, I was diagnosed with Schizoid Personality Disorder. I also had panic attacks and to this day I'm convinced I have a mild case...
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    Facebook deletes account of Kabul victim's mother after she criticizes Biden

    I had a Facebook account years ago and it was very brief. Somehow my spirit told me evil would come out of it, and it could be used against us and track us. I didn't like the fact it was being used to spend left wing propaganda. I don't understand why many Christians and conservatives still try...
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    Major Hurricane to hit Gulf Coast

    It happened during Sandy. Last night the entire Mid Atlantic got hammered with heavy rains. I live in the central part of Long Island in a hilly area so it was not too bad. The North Shore got hit there the hardest. Praying for all affected.
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    Pen Farthing to leave Afghanistan in next couple of hours with his 200 dogs and cats

    Both my parents never liked dogs or pets in general, and I never saw them as evil. I myself prefer small dogs that don't slobber or bark. The Taliban only like satan.
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    Explosion gunfire outside Kabul airport.

    Totally evil and pathetic regime.