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    Bloomberg under siege at chaotic debate debut, as Warren attacks field in bid to revive campaign

    Ben Shapiro called it. He said that Bernie is likely to become the nominee and who will battle Trump in November.
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    Flare-Up In Fighting In Northwest Syria Pulls In Russian, Turkish Forces

    Yup, like they are being drawn to it. Maybe there is not much to this as it is clear in the end, both will becoming allies when they finally decide to attack Israel. When Turkey shot down a Russian jet in 2015, nothing came of it.
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    Bloomberg under siege at chaotic debate debut, as Warren attacks field in bid to revive campaign

    They were at each other's throats, and Trump clearly won the night.
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    Flare-Up In Fighting In Northwest Syria Pulls In Russian, Turkish Forces

    Yes, I'm kinda surprised by it too when I read the news. Interesting development. It's complicated and there's been a lot of twists and turns since the Arab Spring years ago, but we know it all leads to Gog's armies meeting their fateful end on the mountains of Israel.
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    Report from Chinese brethren - The Church amidst the coronavirus outbreak

    I pray our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ would stay strong in the midst of trials. The Lord Himself said that God's will is that He shall not lose even one of what the Father has given Him.
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    Coronavirus update

    In my unprofessional opinion, this virus is no more deadlier than the usual flu. It seems only those with existing conditions such as a weak immune system succumbed to death. Statistics-wise, this doesn't stack up against other causes of death such as obesity, diabetes, car accidents, influenza...
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    The Identity of the Two Witnesses

    There is a possibility it could be John, but I lean more towards Moses. Recently, I've been reading on Zechariah, I noticed it heavily deals with the end times. It is often overlooked as we tend to focus more on Daniel and Revelation, but Zechariah is heavy on the last days, Zechariah 4 is a...
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    Coronavirus update

    I just talked to one of our suppliers. He said at the moment they still have stocks in their warehouses, but since products from China are banned at the moment, we might be facing shortage of supplies soon. As the purchasing guy in our company, this can pose a problem in the coming weeks. We...
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    Coronavirus update

    Singapore has declared code orange, which is one level closer to code red. There are videos of stores with empty shelves because of people swooping in and hoarding items. Their Prime Minister has appraised the public of the situation.
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    Chinese billionaire: 'Over a million and a half people have caught coronavirus'

    This is spreading like wildfire. And the Chinese government are covering up the real figures.
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    ‘Chilling’: Duterte tries to shut Philippines biggest TV station

    I hope and pray that they get shut down. This evil news channel and their big competitor, GMA7, are among the biggest culprits for the dumbing down of Philippine society. Decades of leftist programs and soap operas designed to pit the poor against the rich, when in fact they ARE the rich, and...
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    Nancy’s petulance

    Aside from being petulant, liberals are also sanctimonious. Childishness and an ignorant and misguided sense of superiority are a dangerous combination. They make despots out of people. Trump can be childish at times, but he's rarely sanctimonious. He has a huge ego and brags about superficial...
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    President Trump Fires Two Impeachment Witnesses

    When I first read the title, I thought Trump fired the two witnesses of Revelation. lol...sorry..I gotta have coffee first to officially start the day.
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    Coronavirus update

    I think it's a lot worse than what the Chinese government is reporting. I hear Israeli scientists are trying to find a cure. Praying for their success.
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    Pelosi's Speech Tear Was The Best Applause For Trump

    The current crop of leftists and liberals are just comedy gold. Hilarity ensues whenever they're in public. I mean Nancy Pelosi with her constant teeth-grinding, Schiff and his permanent stare, AOC who makes the most inane comments, hair-sniffing Joe Biden, commie Bernie, and their foreign...