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    Can't do a Search.

    I get a message to say my UserID doesn't have the ability to do one. I can't list off NEW Posts that function is missing off my menu selection. I still can't get into my profile to see it let alone change anything?? :idunno:
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    Celebrity Psychic and "Prophet" Sylvia Browne under fire for telling Amanda Berry’s mom she was dead

    Re: Celebrity Psychic and "Prophet" Sylvia Browne under fire for telling Amanda Berry’s mom she was I agree Billiefan this should have been a bigger story. :(( Too many people believe in these frauds and give them money for their predictions. :doh:
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    Six years in glory!

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    Third Orlando Florida area Pastor to resign in last 6 months cause of a affair...

    His surname is Loveless. :twitch What irony for his wife who took that name as her own. It's in the hands of the Lord, lifting the ministers, their families and congregations to the Lord, amen.
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    The timing on the 2 witnesses of Revelation

    Even when they see and know that the Lord God Himself is raining down judgement on the Earth, many will still Curse God and refuse to repent. REV 16:10 The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness. Men gnawed their tongues in agony...
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    On Death Row

    :(( Yep that is correct and then they will go onto the Second Death if they do not repent and receive Christ. :crying REV 21:6 He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the...
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    On Death Row

    What struck me thinking about this verse today is that all Unrepentant Sinners are like Prisoners on Death Row waiting for the day of their execution. Those of us who REPENTED and RECEIVED Christ we didn't just get a Stay of Exectution but we all got our sentence completely dropped and we were...
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    To busy to be a friend??

    Good friends who are very supportive and encouraging are rare and precious. Very hard to come by these days. Even amongst Christians.
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    Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

    Not just in America but here in Australia as well. YEP many who have slipped in amongst us. :(( Jesus warned us and here his brother is warning us of the same thing and the Apostle Peter writes as well for us to be wary of these ungodly men and women. NOT surprised! Praying for the...
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    Aggression from post-trib believers

    :wave Welcome Rainy to RF. You hit the nail on the head. We are not to judge another person's salvation based on these kinds of doctrines or teachings. Where someone stands on the Rapture doesn't point to wether or not they are a Saved Believer in Christ. Where a person Stands ON JESUS is...
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    Praise and Poetry by Arley

    :thumbup :hug I had often come to read your poetry but lately too flat and blah and haven't been in this thread for a while. :hug God is glorified here, amen. :((
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    Living Water

    When we drink a physical glass of water it only has a temporary effect on our bodies because when it wears off we are Thirsty Again. However Jesus said that if the woman drank from His Living Water (spiritual everlasting life giving water) that she would NEVER be Thirsty Again. It's effect...
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    In this example we see that food is the thing being in despute as to what is Sinful or Not Sinful to EAT. Just substitute "Words Spoken" for Food. So what Words are Sinful or not Sinful to Speak! You may think that using certain words are not Sin for you to use. However if they will trip up...
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    The Pharisees always looked for boundaries and limits and specifics so they knew exactly how far they could go before they fell into Sin. Jesus replied to them as above. The Pharisees knew the LAW but they always managed to twist it around for their own purposes or so they could do what they...