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    Report: US considering closing Baghdad embassy

    Or maybe the AC's headquarters?
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas, y'all! :)
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    The reimagined police as servants of the left

    Interesting article. As far as backing the blue... All of the good ones are leaving, been laid off due to de-funding, or retiring. I think that all that are going to be left will be wearing brown shirts, not blue. .. :(
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    Election brings Netanyahu and Trump’s MidEast peacemaking to a screeching halt

    Thanks, I was wondering how that was going to go. Although I think Biden will want some of that glory, so maybe will start up again? Hope Israel doesn't get carried away with the various peace plans just for the sake of peace, that will probably start coming in from the Dems. Praying for...
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    Report: US considering closing Baghdad embassy

    Interesting, and seems to open up some real estate for the alignment for whatever comes next. The U.S. sure spent a lot of money there. But always thought it would end up as the headquarters for the UN, or some other endtimes organization's headquarters.
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    Poll: Abraham Accords

    I didn't vote, but that's a good question. I have speculated on this though. As it stands now, I don't think it's "The" treaty, but I think it very well could be the basis, or foundation for the treaty that is confirmed down the line. Confirmed with a few tweaks, and the addition of some more...
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    Do You Like Egg Nog?

    Yes, love some good nog! :) Especially with some freshly grated nutmeg on top.
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    Old/New - Me, Too!

    Welcome back! :tea
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    :welcome Glad you're here!
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    McDonald’s plans to sell ‘Spam burger’ topped with Oreos in China: report

    I like fried spam on occasion, with a good mustard dip. I also like oreos on occasion. Don't think I'd like them together though. LOL!
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    A question about Salvation Army

    I don't know a lot about of the Salvation Army. I believe that they are fairly spiritually sound. Not a cult. One of the thing that I differ with them is that they seem to believe that person can loose their salvation. #10 on their doctrinal beliefs. Which is quite common among some...
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    My experience of salvation

    Welcome to the Family, wordweaver! :)
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    Welcome to the Forum :)