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    Brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine has transformed cybersecurity - UK cyber chief

    I am confident that, when our President returns from inspiring Europe, he will meet with our Joint Chiefs, the FBI, and the National Security Agency to design a plan to guarantee our preeminence in this crucial area. (pfft..)
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    A tiny tell from Nancy

    You are forcing me to reveal my malignance. Take a look at Psalm 119 and estimate how many verses can be read before there is a risk of drowning. Water balloons would be appropriate for christening if they were dropped from the top of a grain silo.
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    A tiny tell from Nancy

    I rewatched the clip and this sounds most accurate. Years ago I remember a news item reading HANDS OFF OUR QUEEN! A gangplank steward noticed the Queen starting to lurch toward the edge of the gangplank leading to a small boat. He instinctively grasped her elbow to steady her. Poor form! This...
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    50 dead found in truck near San Antonio

    Smugglers had them locked in with no water or air conditioning. The bodies were too hot to touch. Meat sauce had been scattered on the bodies to hide the smell of death. Joe, these deaths are on you. Don’t bother to tell us the border is closed. A record number of fentanyl pills were...
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    Boston Gay Pride Parade is cancelled after accusations of racism from Black Lives Matter and threat of boycott!

    “They parade their sin like Sodom, they do not hide it”. The Boston Bomber was so disgusted he tore up his invitation.
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    A tiny tell from Nancy

    She needs to be baptized. Before lifting her out of the water, the pastor recites a Bible passage as requested. He chooses Psalm 119. (He signs the Psalm first so he can read what’s in it.)
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    Crying... In the spirit?

    That same guy I talked about before showed up at a house party. Everyone was preening or engaging in witty chit chat or whatever. Then the real life of the party slunk in crying and started washing this guy’s feet with her tears. The frozen chosen started impersonating the sidelong looks you...
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    Crying... In the spirit?

    There’s a disagreement about the reason for one fella crying. Some say it was because his friend was dead. Some say it was because the other mourners didn’t believe he could raise him back to life. But this fella is a real good reference: “Jesus wept.” -and everybody saw it. There are men who...
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    Why Russia’s Belarus missile deployment matters - analysis

    Hey, we have smart people too. I heard that Kamala will become our War Tsar next week. I am almost finished with my bomb shelter.
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    A tiny tell from Nancy

    I think you hit on something. I had the video of Nancy’s eyebrows blown up and it appears that they are actually two rows of tiny aliens that resemble hedgehogs. The “hairs” are actually tiny antennae. Some antennae were moving and some were stationary. Most seemed to aim themselves toward human...
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    British press first to release Hunter “talkie”

    A British reporter was just interviewed by Jesse Watters. I have seen all the still photos of Hunter. The Brits are way ahead of us. Not only did they have moving pictures, the film had the star’s actual voice! As a bonus, Hunter was the camera man! AND - they had an answering machine tape of...
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    UK’s Prince Charles reportedly accepted bags with millions in cash from Qatari PM

    Charles gives to admirable causes, the most noble being the search for a vaccine that would prevent the birth of children with RBE (Really Big Ears). Charles has also set up a commission to write profound statements for him to read to the press. These writers were hired after a survey revealed...
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    Supreme Court rules it was quite all right for the football coach to pray on the field

    This ruling is huge and will soon appear in Breaking News, but I have been wanting to quote the only language in the Constitution regarding religion: Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. That’s it. One sentence in the...
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    A tiny tell from Nancy

    The Princess had to swear in Mayra Flores, the first Republican elected in her Texas district in over 100 years. Nancy was prepared with her frozen smile and phony voice, but she did not foresee that Flores’ two young daughters would be accompanying her on stage. Nancy elbowed one of the girls...
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    Scariest note ever?

    You sit in YOUR chair leads to the question “Whose chair could he have accidentally sat in, and what issues could have resulted?” Distracting conversation with an attractive lady? Higher gas prices? North Korea nukes Guam? Whispering oddly in lady’s ear; earring becomes lodged in Joe’s nostril...