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    Naval Air Station shooter wrote manifesto condemning US as 'nation of evil:' report

    Some news outlets are reporting there were 3 Saudis that were filming the shooting as it occurred. It sounds like there were others that knew about this attack ahead of time.
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    Men in Make-Up

    The Hallmark channel CEO is considering making gay Christmas movies. It is getting hard to find anything worthy of watching on TV now days.
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    Saudi aviation student kills 3 at Florida naval base, officials probing terror

    I just heard that six Saudis have been arrested over this shooting and that three of them were filming the attack while it occurred.
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    More New Age under the radar....

    They are worshiping the creation and not the creator.
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    Delaware town bans Nativity scene over safety concerns

    The EVIL one is working overtime to try to take Christ out of Christmas.
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    Appearances for Christians

    You certainly can't judge someone by their appearance! I live in Florida and I used to be neighbors with the twins Damien and CJ Hobgood, who are two world class champion surfers. Once a week they used to have a bunch of cars parked in front of their house and I often thought they were...
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    Prince Charles likely will become Regent within 2 years as the Queen ages

    It is going to be hard for anyone to fill the shoes of Queen Elizabeth since she has done a fabulous job representing the UK. I have heard she is a devout Christian and attends church every Sunday, and was also a huge fan of Billy Graham's services. It will be interesting to see if the...
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    Two dead in terror attack at London Bridge

    The religion of peace, tolerance, and love strikes again.....:diablo
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    Impeachment Shows the Limit of Media Power

    Meanwhile, the real investigation should be how Joe Biden's son obtained a job making $80K per month from a Ukrainian Oil and Gas firm!
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    ‘Urinated On and Cursed For Being Christian’

    :sob:cry2 Reading this article regarding the persecution of Christians makes my heart hurt.
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    Rabbis propose PM retire in exchange for pardon

    That is exactly what I was thinking! :thumbup
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    Impeachment hearings live on YouTube

    I certainly hope that President Trump doesn't testify. It is a kangaroo court!
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    Pope compares politicians who rage against gays to Hitler

    I went on a tour of the Vatican a few years back, and I remember an instant feeling in my heart that there was idol worship abound and the building and it contents would be considered wood, hay, and stubble in the Lord's eyes. Jesus would have disapproved of the Vatican like he disapproved of...