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    The Twenty Dollar Miracle!

    Every single time I hear a testimony of how somebody came to have a relationship with Jesus my eyes fill with tears of joy. It never gets old. It is truly the most beautiful thing this world has ever known, even more beautiful than the cries of a newborn baby, this doesn't lessen the beauty of...
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    Church in DFW area, preferably N part of metroplex

    Right now I am still going to my current church but my husband rarely goes now and we've gone there two years and we have never had a sermon where the Word of God is in context. There is scripture but it is always disjointed, gathered from all over the Bible to make our pastor's point. He...
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    Church in DFW area, preferably N part of metroplex

    Today when I was taking my son to school we left just a little bit later than we usually do. Which meant that I was still in my car when Dr. Robert Jeffress from First Baptist Dallas came on. I have listened to Dr. Jeffress many times over the last couple of years in snippets when I am in the...
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    Meditating at school... would covet your prayers

    Wow, what state are you in? Do the parents know their children are participating in this? Meditating and focusing on ones breath (clearing the mind) is eastern philosophy and the empty mind opens the door for demons. They can call it anything they like, it's not the name of the practice...
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    Church in DFW area, preferably N part of metroplex

    Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on here much lately. I have been really busy taking care of my grandson. My daughter had my precious new granddaughter last Friday and she and the baby are doing great. My daughter's pregnancy was pretty tough, she was sick and in a lot of pain for most of...
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    Apostate preacher Joel Osteen rebukes Apostles for their teachings

    Osteen rebuke Apostles Joel Osteen Rebukes Apostles Paul, Peter, and John 12 hours ago by Peter Michael Martinez 41 Comments41 Comments According to Joel Osteen – Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, these first century apostles are wrong and outdated and he has come out boldly to...
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    Possible angel? We think so

    What a beautiful story. I'm glad God wants your wife to be here on this planet with you and your girls and he sent an angel to keep her safe.
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    My grandson's testimony

    I think you are right Adrian. When I talk to my grandson about this his little face just lights up, unlike any dream he has ever had, those are forgotten in a day. Days after he told us about Jesus coming into his room, I recorded talking to him about it for a short bit. He's two, so the...
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    Korean pastor saving babies with his "baby box"

    Beautiful. Little babies, and small children are the one thing that is still pure and beautiful in this world. Satan knows this and he has set a full scale war against them, through abortion, infanticide and abandonment. Thank goodness for men like the one in this documentary that will...
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    Eugenic Abortion 2.0

    It has to potential to screen for illnesses that show up later in life, such as breast cancer, heart disease or "personality disorders". The implications are momentous! Who of us would give up our life simply because we might one day face cancer, or heart disease? Now your parents can decide...
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    My grandson's testimony

    I am going to share this testimony. I know it is unusual to share the testimony of someone else, but my grandson is not currently capable of sharing his testimony on an internet forum. My grandson is 2 years old. He lives with his unmarried mommy and daddy. My daughter is pregnant with...
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    Nightmare Scenario Tornado in Oklahoma City area

    This level of storm used to be a once a decade occurrence, now nearly every outbreak yields a deadly storm. They keep comparing this tornado to Joplin. That tornado hit not quite two years ago, and here it is, happening again. There is a threat of tornadoes every day for the rest of the...
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    Nightmare Scenario Tornado in Oklahoma City area

    Moore, OK and towns nearby Lord Jesus please protect your children from this horrific storm. Please pray for this town. They need our prayers right now.
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    Will Obama Start a Distracting Crisis????

    My hope is that there will be a huge distraction that takes the focus off Obama's criminal actions. Not because I don't want Obama held responsible for all the evil he has done these last 4.5 years, but because I would love the distraction to be the removal of millions of men, women and...