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    Second Stimulus?

    I just googled "has the second stimulus passed" & it said they are still talking it out. It said the While House will come up with their own proposal probably in July.
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    Crowds gather for largest demo yet, White House fencing extended; nationwide protests gather steam

    You are a good brother and I know that God will use your words for good.
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    CV - dress rehearsal or final act?

    That's great! I am in GA too. Can't wait for Chick-Fil-A to open up.
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    CV - dress rehearsal or final act?

    Oh my goodness- you are hilarious with that Waffle House comment!
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    Governor Newsom overreach

    I saw a video of your Governor today. He was outstanding!
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    Possible Meat Shortages due to Pandemic

    I live in GA, and a couple of days ago, they had Dan Cathy (Chick-fil-a CEO) on the radio. They were talking about the meat shortage and the problems in the chicken plants. Dan said that Chick-fil-a has plants that are dedicated just for them, and they are doing good right now. You have got to...
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    New Member (Hello from England, UK)

    You have a wonderful testimony! I am glad you are here with us.
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    How Long IS a Generation?

    I thought the rapture could be at any moment. So Babylon has to be rebuilt, we have to be cashless, and be divided up into 10 regions before the rapture can happen? Could someone elaborate on this please?
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    Yes- I have heard this talked about as well, but instead of Hillary, it's Michelle Obama
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    One World: Together At Home concert to be aired

    I heard this was to benefit the WHO. So let's just let these "so- called celebrities" donate to them, and not the American citizens.
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    No Taylor Swift – Tennessee Christianity Does not Support Your View

    My daughter watched the documentary and she said both Taylor Swift and her mom were using such bad language. She has all the money she'll ever need and yet she appears to be so lost.
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    State Of The Union Address!

    I was listening to the radio on the way home and they said that she told people she was going to do that. But they did not get specific.
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    State Of The Union Address!

    It was not a copy- it was the original speech, signed by Trump.
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    State Of The Union Address!

    The liberals are caught up in why he didn't shake her hand :doh2
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    State Of The Union Address!

    I wonder what she means by that?