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    The Predestination Controversy

    Just to wrap this up - I was on the other side of the fence for decades. Raised Episcopalian, turned to AOG, then non-denominational American Christianity. I have already been where many of my critic remain. And many theologians who could skunk you and I in debates and intellectualism still...
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    Trump makes Florida his primary residence, but says New York will 'have a special place in my heart'

    I read that it is to protect his tax returns? But really, New York has become a cesspool under Dem rule. And they have been very critical of him. Trump is always a few steps ahead of them. It is hilarious to me that the Dems are truly the dumbest people on the planet. They are like the...
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    Beto drops out of Warren the front-runner?

    They have to take down Trump because none of them can compete with this economy. Warren will have to endure the backlash from her cultural appropriation lifestyle. That hasn't even begun. Hillary can run again, but she is really bruised and battered in the media. Ronan Farrow just said that...
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    The Rumors of Christianity’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

    Perhaps, but I think a large number of professed younger Christians are attended questionable churches. I have a MEGA church down the street and we attended twice. The pastor isn't even present. He is onscreen. Reading Scripture from an iPad. His expensive watch catches the light and flashes...
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    Does the rapture seem more imminent now than ever before?

    The tech is what convinces me the time is short. AI, drones, social credit scores, listening devices, tracking devices, all of these will be used to compel compliance to the will of the Beast. When family members turn against one another - it will be to gain social credit. People will be...
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    Medical Examiner: Jeffrey Epstein Might Have Been A Homicide Victim

    I strongly doubt he offed himself. He had friends in very high places and likely had a ton of evidence squirreled away from his honey traps. I think he was an international intelligence person who collected compromising evidence on influential people. I think he expected to be exonerated as so...
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    Viewing tribulation through different eyes

    I think it's going to be one of the greatest harvests in history. It will secure 144K Jews for the Millennial Kingdom, and untold Christian martyrs who will worship at God's feet at His pleasure. I think of how, during times of great terror, certain humans seem to bloom - as though the weight on...
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    The Predestination Controversy

    I'm a hard core Calvinist. I believe the Gospel should be preached everywhere. I believe that those who are appointed to salvation will respond and we have no idea who they are. I believe that God is the author of salvation from beginning to end and that no one who is appointed to salvation...
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    2 questions to ponder

    1). Is there a single event that has to occur before we are gathered? 2). Is there scriptural evidence that the Tribulation begins at the moment of the Rapture? I thought the Tribulation began with the signing of the 7 year covenant. However, I have read otherwise a few times recently when...
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    My thoughts on how the Rapture may go

    I think the lie about why we left with be eaten with delight because the media and our government representatives are strongly turning public sentiment against conservative Christians. We are the only impediment to their progress. We fight abortion. We fight climate change hysteria. We hold back...
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    Meghan Markle, Prince Harry will consider US move to escape mistreatment of UK tabloids, Diana's butler claims

    My sympathy for her has taken a beating since understanding how hungry she was for fame, and THEN hearing the incessant blithering about eco issues and social justice. And Diana courted the tabloids because she was rebuilding her image after her divorce. No one could have foreseen what...
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    What Happens When You Die?

    I have found great comfort from sermons posted by Grace To You on YouTube. I am loathe to discuss them further because I am detecting negativity towards John MacArthur and Calvinists on this site. But after 40 years of being a Christian, I never gave much thought to the afterlife. However, an...
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    China social credit score encourages Christians to throw away Bibles

    We already have scores assigned to us from programs online that evaluate our credit report, legal records, etc. and allow this measurement to be available to anyone who asks. is one of those programs. I cannot believe this is legal, but it is.
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    Lordship Salvation: The Latest Works Based Salvation Plan

    I strongly disagree with your understanding of the marriage of "Salvation by Grace through Faith", and "Lordship Salvation". Lordship Salvation is how you live your life after the conversion. Harvesting the fruits of conversion is a process, as the Bible states clearly. The Lord is perfecting...
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    Lordship Salvation: The Latest Works Based Salvation Plan

    I'm a Calvinist. I have read a few comments here and there characterizing us in a particular way. I am not sure we are all the same if, in fact, your experiences were with true Calvinists. Works in "Lordship Salvation" save no one. They are simply the evidence, the fruit, that a life has...