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    Family disloyalty

    Best time of the year!!
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    Help with Jehovah's Witnesses

    What about Gal 1:8, where Paul is telling the Galatians if anyone preaches any other Gospel than his, let them be accursed. According to that statement, JW's are accursed.
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    Olympic Tryouts

    I hope it loses badly.
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    Olympic Tryouts

    One trans BMX riders is hoping to win a medal so it can burn a American flag on the podium.
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    Who was Melchizedek?

    I believe it was Christ in theophany form hinting at the last supper.
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    Coming Up Short Praying for Enemies

    It's hard to pray for enemies when you know they hate you and wish you dead. I guess we are supposed to pray for them but kill them when we are attacked. It's hard to turn the other cheek when you are lying dead on the ground. Any other solutions when under attack are welcome.
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    Something disturbing about the 'transgender' movement

    It's very disturbing to all except those who suffer from the trans delusion.
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    Converging Signs

    Most likely our grandparents would not have let this happen. They worked too hard fighting for what they had to let anyone take it away.
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    The Grasping Evil

    Others view is as haters. I will say this, if all people were believers and indwelt by The Holy be Spirit, life would truly be the utopia they claim to be seeking. Zero to no crime, united families, hard working with no unemployed, low taxes due to low crime and better health. No need for...
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    Racist Mayor: Tishaura Jones

    It's really the white people who force others to commit crimes. White people have a secret power that just by looking at a person of another race and snapping their fingers behind their backs at the same time can make that POC commit felonies.
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    President Biden Signed Juneteenth into Law as a Federal Holiday

    At some point the holidays will have to stop or every day will be one. They don't work much anyway from what I can tell. When you have worked for 45 years at places that must make money in order to make payroll and compare to places where the taxpayers pay the bills the difference is like night...
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    The Pathetic Putin-Biden Summit

    Worst president ever!!! That's quite a feat considering obama and carter.
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    Biden’s Terror Strategy Defines Republicans as the New Terrorists

    We have to remember that facts no longer matter. Only the left's agenda which the media reports.
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    Racist Mayor: Chokwe Antar Lumumba

    Somehow, somebody, somewhere, has got to address the elephant in the room. It must come from the black community themselves.
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    The Church of Christ in the Last Days: Revisited

    As one very happily married to one who is in the "cult" (Church of Christ) I can vouch for the content of the post. Week after week, the same old sermons from the Gospels and singing many hymns with little to no teachings. They know nothing of Paul's letters or end times events. They very...