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    A fractional' bye for now....

    :pray :pray
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    Yes definitely. More than ever!
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    95% of votes counted: 33 seats for Blue & White, 32 for Likud

    I would feel bad for Netanyahu if he loses. He loves his country. Just as I would feel bad if Trump loses in 2020. He loves our country. But for sure if Trump did lose to a democrat, the world would fall so quickly that the rapture would have to come just as fast. Whatever the Lords Will is we...
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    After the Rapture…

    Oh dear Lord please sooner than that! :pray :pray :pray
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    After the Rapture…

    I imagine that many will flock to the churches. And the members of each church left behind will become instant teachers. Without the Holy Spirit here will new people be saved? I don’t think it will take long for the mark of the beast to begin as that is what will bring order. So they won’t have...
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    Do We Lose Our Jewish Identity When We Believe In Jesus?

    It’s difficult to explain to people how I could be Jewish and Christian. My parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on weren’t very religious and all celebrated Christmas and Chanukah. So I grew up with both. When I became a Christian some people treated me as if I had abandoned my...
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    How do I remind my bible scholar friend about prophecy?

    Will definitely look him up! Thank you!
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    How do I remind my bible scholar friend about prophecy?

    I’m not sure what to say to him or how to approach the subject. He’s highly intelligent, a scholar of the Bible and was raised Catholic and has in recent years converted to Judaism. He’s a friend I met years ago when we were both in a dark place in our lives and we have remained friends because...
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    California church vandalized for opposing “Drag Queen Story Hour” in local public library

    Praying for the people of that church and the attackers. :pray :pray
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    Benny Hinn no longer believes in prosperity gospel

    Yeah I thought his actual words sounded sincere but it wasn’t quite enough after he’s been preaching that for so many years. It wasn’t really heartfelt his “change of heart “.
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    What are some good Christian Fiction books?

    Well, after spending a good hour at Barnes and Noble in the Christian fiction section, I decided on a book titled “Invitation”. It’s written by four different authors, Bill Myers, Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, and Alton Gansky. I got frustrated because their selection wasn’t very good so I...
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    Benny Hinn no longer believes in prosperity gospel

    This is very interesting. I pray he truly means this.