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    Bad, unhealthy, unholy commercials

    Yeah there are quite a few shows titled “Evil” these days I’ve noticed.
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    Bad, unhealthy, unholy commercials

    Every time I see that Tommy John commercial for their underwear it gives me the heebegeevies. The lady that says she wants to be naked and says it like three times over and over. Ugh. Gross. Any others that bother you? I know there’s more!
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    I need some ideas from everyone

    I think the videos are a great idea. Before my grandmother passed away I did a video interview with her. I asked her about my family history and what my parents were like growing up. Things like that. It’s a joy to watch it now and hear her voice, and there isn’t anyone left in my family who...
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    Excuse Me Sir....

    I would probably smile and just say nothing. Although it’s extremely rare I ever call anyone Sir or Ma’am.
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    Chick-Fil-A Ends Donations to Anti-LGBTQ Groups

    Neapolitan Shake is my favorite there!
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    Blind men leading blind man

    Olsteen paid Kanye $300.000 for that visit. Kanye also claims to be the best artist God ever created. He is doing things good that he probably doesn’t even realize, but he will fall and be tested. We will have to see what happens then.
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    How does the devil do it?

    I just watched one of his teachings on YouTube. Very good! I will watch more from him. Thanks for sharing.
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    Let's create a story

    On their way home they came to a fork in the trail. They decided to go...
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    Take My Word Game

    Amazing Grace!
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    How does the devil do it?

    Blinding the eyes of unbelievers. I am blown away by how so many on the left really, truly believe they are doing the right thing. They believe they are fighting evil (us) and at the same time we KNOW we are fighting evil from them. I feel sorry for them, for my own family and past friends...
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    If Trump does not win in 2020

    I bet in Heaven we can eat cake with our hands :)
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    If Trump does not win in 2020

    I like white cake with buttercream. Is that ok? A few candles too if you don’t mind so we can blow them out together and celebrate being in glorious HEAVEN!! Thank you Insurance Guy :)
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    7 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

    I post stuff on Facebook all the time that brings out the haters. I’m usually pretty calm in my responses to them and stick to my guns. It’s a way of sharing the gospel that I don’t have much of in real life. Sometimes it’s fun, and if they get too nasty either they unfriend me or vice versa. I...
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    What are your primary hobbies?

    I was a professional singer for many years. I’ve written and recorded songs with people all over the world. I’m auditioning for a Christmas quartet tomorrow, hope I make it!
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    If Trump does not win in 2020

    What is the last day to enter the race? All I could find is that the Iowa caucuses are in early February.