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    Coin shortages everywhere

    You know that coins can make a bullets or any reason to melt to make it. Otherwise what is their planning...ummm
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    Record Number of Cops Quit in Kentucky in Wake of Anti-Police Protests

    YEAH,,, I am from Kentucky Most of these call in sick or quit... You know why blame to Government told them blahhhh.... that cause them to decision quit or call in sick cause not enough people to protection an innocent people
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    Coin shortages everywhere

    Sorry; I was laughing....seem that I can't share my coins LOL:cool: Because I have 5 gallons of water bottle (you know what I mean) 3/4 way to full coins ......
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    Hard Questions that can anyone answer?!

    That is correct that what I am trying explain with brainstorm as we cannot read God's planning as we put ourself trust Him as His purpose...
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    Hard Questions that can anyone answer?!

    Sorry; I am deaf and my first language is American Sign Language (ASL).... My point is that God already set up planning as motion/moving, my point is since every the people bought a lot of stuffs to stock up... COVID-19 ( take time antibody average 2 years ) my questions is that President...
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    Hard Questions that can anyone answer?!

    Tough.... My questions about when we will be gone to home with Jesus... Never though of my mind..... COVID-19 cause other God's planning???? As we bought stock up masks, foods, paper towels, meds, and etc....(as the people panic to put stocks up) we Christian People already stocks up include...
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    The rapture timing in the past...

    Believe that something will happen after; who become the USA President (Trump will be last) whoever become President will be Democratic National Party.......that will be my blunt will be last or maybe I am wrong Most important is we must be prepare and ready for call us to home.
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    Fair Warning

    Add to listing about they set up and passed law to teacher LGBT in Chicago, Illinois..also begin to spread teaching unmortal or unhealth sexual stuff...
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    What Happens To The USA

    First that they need cause the American (USA) become weak cause to crash then there possible EMP, Riot, and other things will make the USA look bad and weak then possible fall away?
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    Death of the Dinosaurs

    More likely God's plan to use the Dinosaurs and animals and people that time of the Flood period. I think and more likely Christian science believe that to became useful for oil in present that main reason. God's all Knowledge, all Sciencist, and other than we know limit and God knowledge are...
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    The Golden Age of Russian Oil Nears an End

    This will an effect toward the Russia move and focus on the Israel for rich soil of oil/gas
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    Have anyone study on the Chronological Study Bible?

    I ready this....( I am deaf ) My point is a begin introduction about how many years since before Christ birth. But interesting about how many years BC - AD...this said Scholars have place the first human settlements as early as 7,000-8,000 year before Christ? Is this true or false? All I...
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    A rare solstice 'ring of fire' solar eclipse will happen on June 21

    That one seem that you see most strange or weird event on here as the sky (universe)
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    A rare solstice 'ring of fire' solar eclipse will happen on June 21

    We have been notice so many an awesomely in universe God create such as Solar Eclipse, Strawberry Moon, Supermoon, Comet, etc.... in the Bible saying ( I forget which verses about universe) look at sign that what I forget...can anyone know about this??? So many awesome out space that people...
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    Because Black Lives Matter

    Deaf LIve Matter; Black Live Matter; China Live Matter....any way you can say it..... But I am Deaf; sorry for blunt!!!! Remember that we are came from our fore parents is Adam and Eve therefore our God loves us even since begin of Creation the Earth......... Colors Live Matter.....God teachs...