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    Senate blocks "Born Alive" Bill

    Those who can be led to support this mass murder of the most innocent among us would have been goose-stepping with the rest of the Nazis in WWII era Germany, all the way to the death camps where they would have followed orders to turn on the gas valve. Those of us speaking out against it likely...
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    Trump administration rule to restrict green cards for welfare-reliant immigrants takes effect

    Can you imagine the ruthless assaults we'll see from the liberal cult when the high Court becomes Ruth-less in Trump's 2nd term? A Court that does its sworn duty in defending the law is to liberalism like a wooden stake driven through the heart of a vampire, and liberals all know it. This case...
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    Boy Scouts going Belly Up! (I wonder why?)

    They have stands set up at both doors of the Walmart where I live too. I just wonder if Walmart would allow them to do that if the Girl Scouts stood up for Christian values instead of liberal dogma. I wonder if they'd let a church charity sell cookies in front of their stores, if the church...
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    Roger Stone’s legal team files request for Judge Jackson’s removal from case

    The witch hunt against Trump and his team was clearly a strategy of political war undertaken by traitors. And the extreme sentence given to this good man makes that all too clear.
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    Boy Scouts going Belly Up! (I wonder why?)

    This is an old story and a microcosm of our times: those committed to the world are aggressively pushing their agenda while those committed to serving the Creator tend to be passive in the face of such things. And the result is that even though good men outnumber evil men, the world overwhelms...
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    Dems talking under the table to Iran

    The liberal cult has long taken the side of every enemy America has, giving that enemy all the aid and comfort they can. This they do because they know that the enemy of their enemy is their friend. The liberal and Islamic cults are allied by their mutual war on America (and their hatred of...
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    George Zimmerman sues Warren, Buttigieg for $265M, accuses them of attempting to garner black votes by defaming him

    Lies, slander, and hate campaigns are a common weapon used by the liberal cult in its war on America. I hope more people start fighting back against them. Zimmerman is not a shining knight, but he is innocent of the charges brought against him and it is not ok to tell big lies about him. I...
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    How the Liberal Press Lies

    I agree. It looks to me like the master served by the liberal cult is the one who was called the father of lies. The Bible tells us that God allows his enemy to be the god of this world. It follows that the god of this world would place his most faithful servants into the most powerful...
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    "Assault Weapon" ban defeated in Virginia Senate!

    I agree that the assault weapon scam is one of the worst gun control scams, but I think the red flag scam could turn out to be even more insidious. As you know, it gives government the authority to disarm anyone government decides might be dangerous; there is no due process or right of appeal as...
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    How the Liberal Press Lies

    The following might seem self-evident, but it should be pointed out anyway. This comes from a lot of reading I did years ago on psychological warfare and big lie campaigns in order to know the enemy, and from observation. The liberal cult is the most destructive enemy America has ever faced...
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    Startling threats and violence against GOP voters: Part of a pattern?

    Diversity is liberalspeak for fewer white people (or more correctly fewer heterosexual white men); based on common usage, that really is all it means. The liberal cult is as racist as any group has ever been, demonizing the white man like the National Socialists demonized the Jews. And they do...
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    "Assault Weapon" ban defeated in Virginia Senate!

    Assault weapon is a slogan used by liars to manipulate fools. There is no such classification of arms; the slogan was dreamed up purely for propaganda purposes. Based on usage, what the slogan refers to is 20th Century arms, because laws against so-called assault weapons outlaw certain guns...
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    DOJ Won't Pursue Criminal Charges Against McCabe

    I saw Trey Gowdy on Fox News say that McCabe was only cleared of one charge, and he technically wasn't cleared, the prosecutor just did not think he had a good chance of getting a conviction, so he decided not to pursue the case. But other more serious charges could come as the investigation...
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    Pelosi calls pro-lifers "dumb" for believing in life at conception

    Liberal dogma is the religion of the liberal; that's where their faith is and it is their bible. And their god does not tolerate faith in any other belief. Unless it's Islam. Or Buddhism. Or Hinduism. Or Wicca, the religion of the feminist. Or about anything but Christianity. Could it be...
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    Pelosi calls pro-lifers "dumb" for believing in life at conception

    The pro-abortion crowd claims that the unborn baby is not a living human being. So is it not living, or not human? And is it still not a living human being when it is mostly born but a little bit of it is still inside the mother? That last little bit of movement magically changes it from not...