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    Major Hurricane to hit Gulf Coast

    Very accurate description. I'm also in Texas. I'm ready for Christmas. LOL
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    Oregon Promotes ‘Dismantling Racism’ in Math Instruction

    Is this really what the parents of children of color want their children to learn? I find that difficult to believe. The left obviously believe that people of color have no functioning brain cells. I pray that parents will see through this foolishness and stand up for their children.
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    I got the virus

    Praying for a speedy recovery for you and your wife. FAITH over FEAR!!! And to my RF family, thanks to all of you for sharing the many recommendations you have.
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    Twitter Says Internet Shutdowns ‘Violate Basic Human Rights’ — in Uganda

    All this hypocrisy is disgusting. Makes me want to :pukeon their shoes.
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    White Coat Supremacy Christmas

    I can think of a few, but they are NOT NICE. So I am just going to stay quiet and ask Jesus to forgive me.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    ‘White people dying will LEVEL the playing field’: Thread of CDC experts gives a TERRIFYING peek into government-run healthcare

    You may be able to get equal treatment if you are one of the alphabet people. If not, forget about it.
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    Kamala's VP choice

    I agree with all that you've said here. However dems are not required to honor our constitution, so anything goes.
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    AG Barr, Where are you?

    Agree and it saddens me. But I just keep telling myself that God is still on His throne. And He is in complete control and knows what is best for His plan for our country. I will trust in Him. That is comforting to me.