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    The Rape of Britain

    Horrifying! This demonstrates how political correctness is not simply a different point of view, but EVIL. Our once-civilized Western culture is increasingly corrupt and demonic. That was inevitable when we, as a society, kicked God out of the picture. But praise the Lord, He is soon going to...
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    Woke Cancels God

    What I find particularly troubling is the wokism infiltrating the Church. This year a church I attended for many years (in a different state), learned sound doctrine in, met and married my wife in, attended seminary in, has gone woke. They have lost the majority of the congregation, those with...
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    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    I'm on the Olympic Peninsula WA. We had quite a bit of rain and wind, Some towns are cut off on the West End, but our town (Sequim) fared well.
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    G20 leaders have reached deal on climate language in final communique

    Yup. He'll tax ranchers, dairies and pig farmers per head to force a decrease in production, (along with making sure they don't have the necessary fuel and equipment) and expect the rest of us to eat plant based meat-replacements and insects. There is no end to the evil schemes... until the...
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    Putin: ‘Evil Wokeness Is Killing the West’

    Pathetic that it takes a former KGB agent to point that out! How blind have so many become!?
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    Parable of the Fig Tree - Arnold Fruchtenbaum

    I was a fairly new believer in '87 when the "88 reasons why the rapture will be in 1988" (Edgar Whisenaut) controversy was happening. I've been looking for His return ever since. Yes, it is disappointing that it hasn't happened yet (and I'm amazed it hasn't happened THIS year!), but that still...
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    The Big Apple Goes to the Rats

    Setting themselves up for a return of the bubonic plague, spread by fleas living on rats. But the left is all about population control...
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    Waiting on the Weight

    I've had ths quote as my tablet wallpaper for years. It only becomes more and more relevant as time goes by.
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    Biden wants to make a 'fundamental change'

    I've been grieving over the road this nation is going down and how many people are deceived, or even delusional, about such "progress". It isn't a surprise, since God's Word has told us all along what it will be like. But the blatant evil and foolishness seen every day galls me. My prayer is...
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    Without God, America is Gone!

    Frankly, America is well beyond ripe for judgement, if just for abortion alone, not to mention sexual immorality, homosexuality, idolatry, godlessness...
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    I served in Afghanistan as a US Marine, twice. Here’s the truth in two sentences

    Class of '73? I had a high draft number, but was still glad they stopped the draft.
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    Rome’s Rejection of the Christian Faith

    Alhough I didn't receive salvation until I was 30, I left the Catholic church when I was 17, because of doctrines that didn't sit right with me. Some of those were papal infallibility, Marianism, priests as mediators of grace, veneration of saints and the idolatry of statues, icons and relics...
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    How many musicians are here?

    I am part of our church's worship team - vocals, guitar, mandolin, a bit of banjo. I praise God for the opportunity to worship Him in song.
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    WW3 threat: China warns Australia will be 'first hit' if Canberra continues to 'meddle'

    Yup. The problem is we have leadership in government, medicine and industry that is bought and paid-for by CCP.