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    Focusing on Eternity rather than this present world?

    Any articles I can look up on this site that are recent that talk about focusing on Eternity rather than this present world?
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    How Africa shaped The Christian Mind?

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    Chart of Major World Religions in comparison to Christianity?

    Does anyone know where I can find a chart or article about all the major religions and their belief systems vs. Christianity and highlighting why Christianity is the only true religion?
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    Facebook isnt all bad!

    I found this game on there called the Journey of Jesus and its good ya'll. You play as a disciple of Jesus and you help him progress along his journey to the Cross! Its made by christian developers Lightside and it reminds me of the Sims!
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    Imaginary rule?

    Is there some imaginary rule in Christendom , that I have to listen to and enjoy christian music, movies and etc as a christian? I find most of it cheesy. Not to say they arent good stuff there probably is but I cant get into it and I tried many times.
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    The Darker I see the World growing, the Closer I cling to Christ!

    He is my only refuge and hope without him I would be in darkness!
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    Sense of Urgency?

    Has anyone notice a sense of urgency has increased in them? To Witness, to not waste time with worldly things or people and to truly seek the Lord. I got rid of all my explicit rap music and started listening to my gospel music again.
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    When is the right time to cut someone out of your life?

    I had this former friend, we agreed not to be friends anymore, He called me and I politely told him not to call me or text me. He cursed me out. Next time I see him in the library, He comes and starts talking to me like everything is good between us. The crazy thing is, he never apologized for...
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    Im tired of defending myself against legalistic christians

    I agree with both of you. I think I should be more aware and careful about what I'm putting in my spirit. I dont want to be goat and sent to Hell, you know.
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    Im tired of defending myself against legalistic christians

    I listen to secular rap music. I choose to do so, my behavior hasn't changed and i'm still praying and reading my bible. My listening to secular rap doesn't affect my right standing with Jesus. Being a christian isn't about the clothes we wear or the music we listen too, its about our heart...
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    DC comics cancels 'blasphemous' Jesus superhero series, 'Second Coming'

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    Anyone on here watch anime or is a fan of anime?
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    I dont like christian music anymore

    I been listening to alot of secular music and its alot more original and creative than christian music. Why is that? Why does most christian music seem so unispired, unoriginal and uncreative compared to their secular counterparts? Is the christian audience that small?
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    Prayer is the key....

    I will start being in perpetual prayer before the Lord daily, praying without ceasing casting my cares before the Lord because he loves me and wants a relationship with me. I got a new prayer book and its awesome.