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    Biden: Americans Will Stomach High Gas Prices “As Long As It Takes”

    If we look at history of WWII what do we find. We find a very important point about the USA. USA built the weapons of war that won the war for our entire side. We built sea going freighters to supply Europe because we wanted the steel for guns, ships, and planes. When Hitler saw that we were...
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    NASA accuses China of intent to take over the moon, China rejects

    If one looks back at China's history what is revealed? Every time China can they start expanding. So we have found another movement against God. Is China any more or less guilty of sin against God than the USA, or Europe or anywhere else? Lord You know the beginning from the end. You know...
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    We Need Donald J. Trump as President Now More Than Ever

    I have to say again! Remember Trumps first year in office? When the peach from San Francisco started the original impeachment against Trump. Think about what the Republican majority House did for the good of the country? They did absolutly nothing for the nation 0.00 All they are interested...
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    Happy Independence Day Everyone!

    Happy 4th all!
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    The end of Christianity in a small Scottish town

    There was a nondenominational church from a city about 50 miles away. They moved a person to Mt Clemens who started a prayer group. Then splintered when big enough and started another prayer group. They kept doing this and pretty soon they were meeting every Sunday in their own church. Their...
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    "I'm not your servant!"

    TT were you here when the Alaskan native joined for about a year? He had a picture of the village girls playing volley ball in the snow. And they were wearing normal summer clothes, shorts and warm weather tops. Everyone asked, "don't they get cold"? The Alaskan said no we all eat whale...
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    'Biblical' swarms of giant crickets ravage western US crops

    I guess it is time for me to read Rachel Carson's book again. I remember her talking about climate change. I worked with an engineer from India. They used DDT for many years after we banned it. My friend said that he still remembers the taste of DDT in his cereal! Aperantly no side affects...
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    The end of Christianity in a small Scottish town

    There are some churches that broadcast on TV or on the internet. Some of them are really good too. But there is nothing like a real neighborhood church full of believers to boost a persons love for Christ. Lord Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be Done in the town that James Suth grew up in as it is...
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    The end of Christianity in a small Scottish town

    Is Scotland the same as the United States? After WWII parents both worked to get the things the couldn't get because of the war? That boosted the standard of living to where both had to work to continue the life style? As a result the children didn't get the parents to show them what it means...
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    NY gun licenses to require social media checks, character references, safety course

    When I was being investigated for my security clearance for the Army Service branch I was going in the FBI investigated for about a month. Mom was kept busy explaining that I had done nothing wrong and what the investigation was about. That was 1962.
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    "I'm not your servant!"

    Sounds like a fairly common organization. Where wife stayed an aid checked up on the guests. Different one would bring the food. I think a different one would change the diaper.
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    US recession question

    Ghoti Ichthus What you just posted in 9 and 10 means so much to me. Here you are posting this dynamic response to the thread without any special credentials that I know of. Yet you are more spot on than most of the churches. My question is when are the claimed Christians going to wake up and...
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    Diesel related products

    It is almost like a plan! Lord protect us from ourselves.
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    Welcome to the forum puhop!
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    Anyone vegetable gardening this year?

    The experts say the soil temperature should be above 50 for sprouting. Otherwise seeds will just set or rot.