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    Why Freedom is in Serious Jeopardy

    Why Freedom is in Serious Jeopardy? Because the powers that bee want it that way. They want their freedom not ours.
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    King Abdullah: Status quo in Israeli-Palestinian conflict unsustainable

    I do not think that humus will ever settle for a two state solution. They want it all.
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    Erdogan: Mideast peace impossible if Israel continues ‘oppressing’ Palestinians

    Praying for peace in Israel or that Israel makes appropriate responses.
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    Prophecy writer Don Koenig is very sick

    Praying for Don's recovery and a renewed spirit. :pray :pray:pray
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Tried something different this evening. I actually cooked something. I went out to get some milk and saw this bag of navy beans. So I got home and started boiling the beans around 5:30PM. Slow boil til 6:30. Then threw in 1/2 a can of Spam. So ended up with a 4 quart pot of bean soup. I...
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    Rapture: Instant disappearing, or visible ascent?

    Very interesting thread. Lord bring forth from this thread that which You consider necessary.
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    Cows are Being Potty-Trained to Save the Planet – Animal Loving Researchers are Moo-ved by the Results

    So England is house breaking cows! Over here there is at least one farm where the cows come in the milking parlor whenever they want to be milked. The farmer never chases them into the parlor to be milked.
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    The Truth About Cows

    Dads cows always came to the barn to be milked when they were pasturing. They would also bring there babies to the barn from the pasture, we never had to go look for them!
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    The Truth About Cows

    My wife can't have any soy products because of alergies. Try and find any prepared food that doesn't have it. What does the food industry think that soy has that is so good?
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    Australia PM understands France's 'disappointment' over submarine deal

    I can't really see it riling China to any great extent. Actually they could look at it as China's aggression in the area is causing money to be spent to counter that threat.
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    Books for children and teenagers in a Wyoming public library that parents are livid about

    I was thinking. Seems to be that most of the town is against this. If that is so what could be done is that all places of business refuse to do business with any of the people that pushed this through. No food, medicine, gas, service on cars. They would then either change their position on...
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    My former yardman returned.

    Praying that this person sees his need for Salvation.
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    Ocasio-Cortez submits amendment to block arms sale to Israel

    Lord I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.