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    There are no words....

    When I see the collapse of everything good, I cry in my heart, "How long, O Lord?!"
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    The world restored....

    I've never liked cities or being cooped up, so I figure a log cabin in the forest with lots of animals around me sounds pretty perfect.
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    - Tongue Control –

    I listened to a really good sermon about this...about holding our tongues and letting God vindicate us. I've always had the opposite problem....I get emotionally plugged up, and then wonder all the things I should have said and then it is even harder to let it go because I never got to...
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    Tragedy Compounded

    Yes, absolutely second this. Thank you Adrian and Chris for all that you do. I know we all have our heartaches and sorrows we battle in this life. This life is fleeting, and as family, we also can hold eachother up in love and prayer. Praise God for that, and that He made us all different and...
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    Days Gone By: Physics Offers Explanation To Why Time Flies As We Get Older

    This year has gone plaid!!! Sorry, Spaceballs reference there...
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    Netanyahu: We have a historic opportunity

    Pastor J. D. Farag did an awesome prophecy update sermon on this....
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    The Tribulation: The Two Witnesses

    I keep my Bible on the table by my front door, so if the rapture happens, then anyone breaking in for food will find the best way how to survive the Trib. Eternally.
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    Tragedy Compounded

    I really appreciate your compassionate and thoughtful response. This article, I felt, had a good intent, but didn't communicate the compassion necessary to bring comfort, because the focus was on the person not reaching hard enough for God. It mostly conveyed a sense of "oh, you must not trust...
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    Why doesn't the USA help Israel in the Gog/Magog War?

    I don't think America will fall before the rapture. Out of all the nations in the world, America is the one that has been the most supportive towards Israel. Despite people being sinful in America, I think that the reason we are absent from the Bible is because we are a relatively young nation...
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    Infinite Genders? Viral Video Reveals Scary Ideology Infiltrating College Campuses

    Virtue signaling at its finest right here...people are so scared to be "politically incorrect" that they become fools---any medical book shows two different genders...male and female; plus humans can only procreate through male/female. I don't get it...liberals are all evolutionists, yet I don't...
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    Vaccine exposer found dead

    Yes, there are a lot of people working to uncover the evil. I had a strange encounter yesterday with a customer in the bookstore. He picked up a bookmark by the register that had an owl on it and said something that sounded like "Moloch" and I said "what? Did you just say Moloch?" and he said...
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    Republican loses Twitter account after ‘treason’ post about Dem Squad member

    Not a wise decision to post that on Twitter. :-( Although I have to say that Omar's response sounded like she was talking about Islam: “......dehumanization are normalized by an entire political party [aka Islamic Sharia Law/Jihad] and its media outlets. Violent rhetoric inevitably leads to...
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    Vaccine exposer found dead

    Anyone who goes against the globalist agenda or reveals the truth is a target. There is definitely something fishy about this push for mandatory vaccines. If it is true what they are putting into vaccines now (they contain cells that were cultured in aborted fetal tissues), then I'd rather not...