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    Jack Van Impe not returning to television O.o

    Jack van Impe has died
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    Henry Gruver

    any info on Henry Gruver I just heard he passed and all i know about him was he was on Sid Roth 's show and the dubious to say the least Prophecy Club with Stan Johnson and was a friend of Steve Quayle 's and other Charismatic types.
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    Is gematria legitimate?

    i agree
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    TBN's False Prophets aka "Heaven & Hell Night" with Don Piper and Bill Wiese on May 13 2010

    self professed prophets like Matthew Payne & Kat Kerr and various Sid Roth guests claim that verse isnt in play anymore same with Matthew 24:36 according to date setting types.
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    Is gematria legitimate?

    the fact a lot of date setters and new-agers use Gematria is a red flag alone to be wary of it
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    Brother and "Pastor" Adam Fannin

    btw, Jonathan Shelley is the current pastor of Stedfast Jacksonville Church in Florida Fannin for 6 months has been pastor of Law of Liberty Baptist Church in Jacksonville Florida
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    Rick Wiles of TruNews

    Wiles btw again went on a recent anti-semitic rant btw, we should pray for those involved with the film's salvation. I think the Hunt movie shouldnt have been made, but Wiles should focus...
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    Brother and "Pastor" Adam Fannin Sarah Silverman shares video of pastor wishing for her 'untimely death': 'He is going to get me killed' Comedian Sarah Silverman shared a video in which a pastor wishes for her “untimely death”...
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    Rick Wiles of TruNews

    McDonalds does make broken promises about fixing it's ice cream machines , so you could be right
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    Rick Wiles of TruNews

    Rick btw thinks Vegan Food is the MOTB ? he actually said recently fake meat like the Impossible Burger at Burger King were created to change our DNA and turns human beings “soulless” so they can’t ever be born again. facepalm when i read that online
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    Dr Michael Brown aka the Ask Dr.Brown guy online

    June 06, 2019Dr. Michael Brown Thinks Private Jets SAVE Money If you buy a jet for millions and millions of dollars you can save a lot of money… This is NOT satire, this is something that Dr. Michael Brown actually seems to believe. After a two-minute Google search we learned that bus fare is...
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    Billiefan's Pirate Christian Media Thread [Merged] PROGRAM SEGMENTS: 00:07:13 - Brad Jones How Attractive Are You? 00:55:52 - Jim Bakker & Lance Wallnau Magical Trump Coins
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    Lance Wallnau PROGRAM SEGMENTS: 00:07:13 - Brad Jones How Attractive Are You? 00:55:52 - Jim Bakker & Lance Wallnau Magical Trump Coins
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    Need a US visa? You'll need to provide your social media names

    lot of Youtube "Prophets" and various cosplayers and internet models arent going to like this news
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    43 die of flu in NSW Australia as temperatures plummet

    43 die of flu in NSW as temperatures plummet By Kate Aubusson May 31, 2019 — 2.04pm Forty-three people have died of flu in NSW so far this year, eclipsing the total death toll for 2018, health authorities report. The authorities have confirmed 1843 flu cases across the state in the week ending...