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    They fought alongside the US for five years to be bombed by US NATO ally

    Interesting report from Turkish CNN affiliate: Barış Pınarı Harekatı kapsamında 14 köy terörden arındırıldı While CNN is telling US Trump is responsible for slaughtering the Kurds, CNN report on their Turkey affiliate, @cnnturk, that Turkey has 'freed' 14 villages from 'terrorists'. The...
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    They fought alongside the US for five years to be bombed by US NATO ally

    POTUS gave his reason for this topic in his speech last night in Minneapolis, about 2/3 of the way in. He said we were 9 or so years in Syria and 19 years in Afghanistan. He said we had achieved the military objectives, but were now the police force. He said that after training Syrians and...
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    They fought alongside the US for five years to be bombed by US NATO ally

    Like everything else today, we do not have the entire story, ... also we cannot trust reporting. I don't know for sure what is really going on over there... apparently there were only 50 or so Americans brought out. What I do know is we need to pray over these times... they are perilous!
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    Liz Peek: Panicky Democrats beg Michelle Obama to run -- But would she win?

    "She" has no political experience. POTUS would eviscerate "her" in the first debate. hillary is the one to watch for. She is, I believe demented, and driven to run. She will take out warren... and then be a last minute nominee. She does not have the stamina to make it through the demonrat...
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    US to step aside for Turkish assault on Kurds in Syria

    Monarch may have it spot on, in that this is all about prophetic fulfillment. When Turkey attacks the Kurds they will be kicked out of NATO. Hence “severe economic trauma”. This will push Turkey stronger into an alliance with Russia and Iran. Right out of Ezk 38-39 Awesome time we live in.
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    Women Have a Place in the Church

    Now this is truth! I have very strong and defined guidelines in this area... they come from Scripture. God is much smarter than I, He made all of us, He knows how this whole thing is supposed to work. Follow His will and His ways and you won't get off course in our long journey!
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    President Trump: “Every Child, Born and Unborn, is a Sacred Gift From God”

    Every president in my lifetime after RvsW talked of defunding PP... President Trump is the first to DO IT!
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    'Grave new chapter of lawlessness': Pelosi opens door to impeachment

    I would opine that POTUS does more than "stands in the way of their new world order..." I think POTUS is standing in the way of the adversaries (satan's) new world order, a one world order who's only purpose is to worship him (satan) as the lord of the world... We are living in great times...
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    No such thing as being born homosexual

    If one were to replace "Egypt" in the following scripture with the name of the college our children wen to and "Canaan" with the city name our children decided to settle in (far away from home)... One might see some very significant direction from the Lord to them... Lev 18: Then the Lord...
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    Jumping through all their hoops is not enough...

    I actually think it is based on deception. I am observing more and more people, who should be sane, take up the mantra of absurdity. With each week, more join in. With each week their voices get louder. With each week they shout to remove my God given rights and freedom! ... and most...
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    Yes, something seems not quite right with Charles. That is the problem with a monarchy, you cannot vote the next in line out.
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    Strictly For Recipes From RF Members' Kitchens

    Well this one hit it out of the park this week with the family and a good friend of mine, and is really, really simple to prepare: Rouladen or Rinderrouladen Take a top round steak and have the butcher slice it a little under 1/4 inch thick so that you have slices about 5 inch X 10 inches...
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    Just pulled out of the stock market to reassess.

    I too am currently in a very conservative position. Our POTUS is going hard on the FED, even suggested abolishing it. Some chatter about going back to a gold standard. Long term, I believe all of that is good news. Short term... a bit spooky. Given the grip of POTUS adversaries on the...
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    Hillsong worship leader says he hasn't renounced faith, but it's on 'incredibly shaky ground

    Last 6 years, 3 major issues centered around younger, contemporary music ministers. Last 9 years, add on 2 more major issues with contemporary music team. In our previous 12 years in another city where worship music was a cappella or with piano accompaniment, not a single issue. I am...
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    What you'd imagine it to be like and what you'd like to do right after the rapture!

    I wonder if any of the troubling things from life on earth will still exist in me? I wonder what it is like to see the face of God? I wonder what it will be like to know how much He loved us all to give up His throne in heaven to save us and give us a future? I wonder what words I will use to...