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    Coronavirus update

    In the middle of this, a month and a half ago, my wife's Mom passed on. The nursing home wouldn't let us in and we could only do a FaceTime. Mom didn't recognize my wife or I. There was no funeral allowed, and only a grave side service attended by family. It rained. Only by the grace of God...
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    Trump designates churches essential!

    Expect churches to struggle. Our small gathering may not make it as an "organization with rented space" but we will continue gathering in homes and fellowship independently. We talked with leaders who opened two weeks ago, and they are only seeing less than 30% of previous attendance. When...
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    Whitmer Confirms She is in Talks about being Biden's Running Mate

    Isn't it fun watching a delusion grow into a grander delusion? ... never, ever thought I would live through a year like we are all experiencing... ever...
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    Breaking news on Michael Flynn case

    I think the good General has deliberately gone behind enemy lines. He has extreme and intimate knowledge of their dark deeds. They needed to silence him, and I think he agreed to let them hammer him... why you ask? To expose to the general public their dark deeds. It is "We the People" who...
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    Coronavirus update

    TT this happened to me too. I was trimming my Mom's shrubs about 15 years ago... and I caught my reflection in her picture window. Immediately I thought: "Who is the old, fat, bald guy cutting Mom's shrubs..." haha
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    Coronavirus update

    This is a very complex civics lesson for sure! It is always a good time to read the constitution and the bill of rights. To understand them more deeply. It is so complex, I hear there was once a civil war fought over the role of states rights... and slavery.
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    CV - dress rehearsal or final act?

    Just had a great talk with our teaching elder this morning. Our conversation centered around the 40 or so days that we have all been sequestered. Was this our God sent time in the "desert?" A time to rethink things, to re-center upon the Lord, to re-establish the family as the core unit of...
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    Coronavirus has mutated into at least 30 different strains, Chinese study finds

    I am starting to wonder if there are two major strains going around. Clearly the one in Italy/Iran/NYC can kill quite quickly. Now in OH one of the prisons were tested and 80% of 2000 inmates tested positive with only one so far succumbing and almost all the inmates asymptomatic. Article...
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    Coronavirus update

    Remember the Boston marathon bombing (I think) where they shut down Boston for those two perps that were eventually found hiding in a boat? My rural community wouldn't have shut down the Farm N' Fleet or the Dairy Queen if they were on the loose here. Rural folks know how to care for...
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    Trump threatens to adjourn both chambers of congress – something no president has ever done

    An observation about yesterday. POTUS's hair was grey. The blonde was gone. The orange ish make up was gone also. Something appears to have changed... IMHO he looked great! Is it a sign of a change of tactics?
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    Britains update to the coronavirus.

    Happy you PM recovered! Is there any news over there if he shook the virus on his own, or was treated with hydroxychloroquine?
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    Coronavirus update

    Wow I was down in the shop trying to get some things done, with the President's daily briefing in the background. I might not have heard everything clearly over the din of the machines... but it sounded like Fauci clarified and backpedled. Saying it was "theoretical" that of course if you shut...
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    Coronavirus update

    For those interested in the article, I think this is it. Article is not written clearly on dosages...(I wonder why?)
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    Coronavirus update

    Fauci and Brix are a real pair! In my opinion both are deep state, Fauci more than Brix. If you get deep into Fauci's past relationships you find a lot of $'s circulating, also he is a Hillary adorer as shown in his past emails to her with his fawning. Right now I think Fauci is playing a...
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    UK PM Boris Johnson moved to intensive care

    Yes very, very good things about the hydroxychloroquine/Zpack/Zinc treatment! I personally know first hand, 4 people that have taken hydroxychloroquine (including my daughter) for malaria prevention, none had side effects. Hear yesterday that they have yet to find one Lupus patient treated with...