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    UFO's and End Times

    Sorry, I'm coming in late to this thread. The question was asked if any of us have had any demonic type encounters recently. I'm not sure how recent would be defined here, but I did have some unwanted encounters with the paranormal (I believe demons) about 6 years ago. I had gone to work in an...
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    Top Kremlin Mouthpiece Says Russia Has No Choice but to Use Nuclear Weapons

    This really would be the revenge of the nerds!
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    Readying Your Homes For Blessing ❤

    I love your ideas on how to bless others after the Rapture has happened. I have always believed that God blesses His children so that those blessings can be shared with others. It's exciting to think of the Christian witness we can leave to others even after we are gone. Thanks for sharing this.
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    DOJ investigating Hunter Biden for foreign lobbying violations:

    I wondered why the New York Times has suddenly reversed position and acknowledged the fact that Hunter Biden's infamous computer really does exists. I am guessing that somehow the computer may play in role in the DOJ's 'investigation' and that the NY Times newspaper will have a hard time denying...
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    Russia open to Ukraine negotiations in Jerusalem

    I have to admit I didn't see this coming. How ironic that Israel is being asked to be the negotiator for a country that will one day try to invade them. And how sad that the Jews believe Russia will be their friend; what a rude shock they are in for.
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    BREAKING: Capitol Police Issue Emergency Declaration Over ‘People’s Convoy’ Trucker Protest

    I wonder how long the truckers will be able to afford the gas to do this.
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    Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says there has been 'slippage' in democracies and nations have adopted 'slightly more authoritarian leaders'

    So Trudeau thinks other nations are 'turning towards slightly more authoritarian leaders." What an astonishing example of total cluelessness.
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    Evil Ethnic Studies

    As a former educator, this type of indoctrination makes my blood boil. Leftists know that if they control our children, they control the future of our country. First they dumbed down our youth by closing schools during the pandemic, and now that schools have reopened, they push full speed ahead...
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    Can Conservatives and Christians Create Their Own Internet Platforms?

    Unfortunately, just about any platform Conservatives and/or Christians create will be vulnerable to being shut down by the government. I thought it was chilling when the Canadian Justice MInister threatened U.S. citizens who had sent money to the Truck Freedom Convoy with the possibility their...
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    Buying Bibles Viewed as “Suspicious Behavior” [in China] Restrictions on Bible Sales

    I was reading the other day that the CCP is working on a project to rewrite the Bible to fit the sensibilities of the Chinese government. Needless to say, their version will be a blasphemous distortion of the true Bible. These people have no idea of the judgement they will face for this attack...
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    Timing Question

    I will pray for you as well. I have been horrified to see people stripped of their freedoms in the name of public safety. Our eyes should be opened now to the true nature of many of our leaders, even in supposedly democratic countries.
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    Tyranny: Canadian Parliament Votes for Emergencies Act Motion

    I was disappointed but not surprised with the outcome of the vote. Most of our leaders do not represent the people anymore; they consistently vote to uphold the interests of the WEF/internationalists crowd. A video has surfaced where Klaus Schwab is bragging about how the graduates from the WEF...
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    Is Babylon once again rising from the ashes?

    I have always believed that end time events will be centered on the original two cities of Jerusalem and Babylon (Jerusalem being God's city, and Babylon representing the seat of Satan). I do believe that the Luciferian occult was transferred to Rome, but that the Bible clearly teaches the...
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    What If This Whole ‘Ukraine Invasion’ Was A Hoax?

    I am not really sure what Russia intends to do with Ukraine. The one thing I am sure of is that I trust nothing that comes out of Biden's mouth.
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    Need advice on my marriage

    Hello Cryo. I hope things are improving for you and your wife. It does sound like she may have some serious emotional issues and her risky behavior is a clue that she does seem to want to be 'caught' in her behavior. I know this must hurt you very much. I would like to recommend a book for you...