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    When Diplomacy Ends Holy War Begins! by Bill Salus

    I agree the facts are sobering for anyone who is watching and understanding.
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    Todd Bentley: Confronting The Spirit Of Leviathan

    He gets creepier every day, doesn't he...:shocked:doh:
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    Sad and Tragic

    I'm with Robert...makes me so ill to see it all.:((
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    Todd Bentley is Back!

    So incredibly sad for Bentley and those blinded enough to follow him. This is definitely a picture of the lying signs and wonders to come in the tribulation period. Take heed that you are not deceived was not just an off-the-cuff suggestion....:ohno
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    The Healing Angel is in the House!

    So sad....wolves indeed!
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    I feel.....don'y even know how to put it......

    We know that the birth pains will continue to increase in frequency and intensity as we near Christ's return. I'd bet we're in the final stretch heading for Home....:nod
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    Bill Gates talks population reduction via vaccines

    My thought too! I think they should be!
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    Philippines earthquake!

    They just keep coming...:shocked
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    Share with Facebook

    Sweet! I saw that you had done this, Chris, but didn't know how to do it for myself. I will definitely do it next time I long into FB! :nod
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    Magnitute 4.4 earthquake hits Southern California

    Yeah, we had 4 back to back quakes last week here in southern Oklahoma, which is very odd. Boy, the quakes sure have increased in frequency and intensity, haven't they....
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    Chile rocked by another major quake

    Now there have been 3 quakes! Now there have been 3 quakes total..... Three strong earthquakes strike Chile in quick succession -
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    Strong earthquake slams turkey, kills 51

    We absolutely do! I hope everyone has learned the appropriate breathing techniques, 'cause we're about to have to start using them!!!!!!:shocked