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    "Skull Breaker Challenge": A Warning To Parents

    Unfortunately, youngsters nowadays are desperate for likes on social media as a form of self validation. Or they are on a quest for youtube stardom which they think will bring them untold riches. So desperate are they to achieve these things, that they will literally do whatever it takes to...
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    Are Gentiles Unsavable After the Rapture??

    I think that people do get saved after the rapture, the angels fly around afterwards proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to all of the world. If they didn't get saved after the rapture, then there would not be much point in them refusing the mark of the beast...
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    Report from Chinese brethren - The Church amidst the coronavirus outbreak

    Praying for all our brothers and Sisters in Christ in China. Praying that many more people there will turn to Him.
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    Tribulation Indicators

    I agree, it's an excellent article.
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    Pelosi calls pro-lifers "dumb" for believing in life at conception

    Unfortunately we are living in the times when evil is called good and good is called evil, just as the prophet Isaiah predicted. Although I pray for her and people like her, I don't think that she is ever going to change...
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    Putin’s critics continue to die

    It is very worrying indeed.
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    Brexit Day

    Where I live, there are no churches that preach the true word. I rely on watching sermons online and even then these are from USA preachers such as Andy Woods. It is very lonely not having like minded people to fellowship with. That's why I feel very blessed to be part of the RF family. The...
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    Thank you daygo for your wonderful and valuable contributions over the years during the Brexit farce. Your posts have been very informative and much appreciated. :thankyou
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    Brexit Day

    Thanks daygo. And thank YOU for all your valuable contributions on the subject over the years.
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    Brexit Day

    It's been a long time coming. After years of political drama, where many MP's tried to thwart the democratic process and subvert the will of the majority of the British people, finally, at 11pm today (GMT) The United Kingdom officially leaves the EU. For me, it is a joyous as well as an...
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    Franklin Graham responds after UK event canceled for 'incompatible' LGBTQ views

    I would also, but apparently the venue has cancelled the event :mad::gaah:thumbdown
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    Franklin Graham responds after UK event canceled for 'incompatible' LGBTQ views

    Excellent response and message from Mr Graham.
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    'It's a miracle': Minnesota police officer slowly recovering after being shot in the head

    Praying for a full recovery for this officer and for the love and peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ to always be with him and his family. It is indeed a miracle that he survived. God is awesome.
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    Update On Impeachment!