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    More Catholic Schools Closing Across U.S.

    I believe Those schools will be coverted into Muslim madrasas, just look at what is happening over in jolly England. :ohno
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    Some Scandalous Photographs of John Paul II

    Waiting I have to agree with your sentiments... the coverage here in the big apple is pathetic, every 10 mins and more on NY1 Channel on cable and other channels as well. Totally blasphemous. I'm sick of this place. Only Jesus is worthy of praise and being bowed down to. :iagree
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    Contemplative prayer

    desert fathers were monks and yes they practiced it.... along with the false religious system known as roman catholicism. stay away from this garbage. :ohno
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    C. S. Lewis

    Jmho I know many love this man... I do not care much for this man and I don't know 100% that he was truly born again and I have seen evidence at least questioning this... that being said, a new church I have been attending has the pastor now doing a series which involves writings or...
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    Rev. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron

    Yep It was a Jesus thing all the way!!!!!!!!! :wave
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    Rev. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron

    Yes I had the opportunity to meet the trio, Kirk, Ray and Todd Friel and got to evangelize with them when they came to New York back in 2006!!!! Love em!!!!:thumbup
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    Catholic Church Puts Mary On The Cross

    Not necessarily Depends on whether they are believing in the Biblical Jesus or a jesus of their own making... Catholicism teaches another jesus....
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    The Apostles Creed - holy catholic church?

    Sad I pray that those who may be on this board who are caught up in religion and traditions without truth or unscriptural would come out from these institutions and come to the real Jesus of the Bible, not the jesus of religious institutions and fables. Lord Jesus, we love You and praise You...
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    Jan Markell: Bringing in the Catholic Eucharist into the Protestant Church. Why is this happening?

    If... It looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it is, even if it wants to call itself goose. Point served. Jesus is in Heaven, not in a piece of bread or wine. I follow the Bible, not what some men want us to believe. Again, truly amazing.... and really very sad...
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    Jan Markell: Bringing in the Catholic Eucharist into the Protestant Church. Why is this happening?

    Jesus Is seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for the saints until He returns in Power and Glory. He is not in some piece of bread and us committing cannibalism each time one partakes of the bread and wind as the catholics and other protestant spinoffs would have you...
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    Is Discernment a gift or a requirement?

    I believe that true believers have a measure of discernment which becomes refined as they grow in the Lord. Others seem to have an "extra dose" for a specific purpose which one usually has if they have prayed for this and this is the Lord's will for them. I see things that others in my...
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    Jan Markell: Bringing in the Catholic Eucharist into the Protestant Church. Why is this happening?

    Understanding The Times with Jan Markell with Jan Markell Jan Markell: December 18 Listen Online Now javascript:OpenRadioEpisode(3615); Give Feedback Download the MP3 (Right click and select "Save Target As")...
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    The Coming Supra-Religion Part 2

    Received the following of many articles to e-mail: The Coming Supra-Religion, Part 2 Dr. Rob Congdon is a specialist on European Union issues. He feels the stage is being set for the European Union to become the major player on the world's stage and the North American Union could be a...
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    "Mother Nature" vs. GOD

    "Mother Nature" The usage of this term as increased over the years as true Christianity has taken a back seat to the New Age movement and other pagan religions that worship the creation, rather than the Creator. They are only doing what comes naturally to those in the dark, and I also...
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    The Day The Sky Fell In NY?

    Homesick I was as surprised as you.... this morning about 5ish I was awakened outta my sleep by ALOT OF LIGHTNING and thunder. The lightning was really alot and scary, but I didnt hear any wind or anything. Thunder and loud noise makes me nervous. Just a few days ago, I was in my kitchen I...